‘Bringing Up Bates’ Recap: Carlin Bates and Evan Stewarts’ Wedding Approaching – Home Is Where The Heart Is

On Bringing Up Bates Carlin Bates and Evan Stewart‘s wedding day is almost here. No doubt, the couple is excited for the big day but Carlin is feeling the pressure. Not only is their wedding around the corner. But Carlin, Erin Bates Paine, and Whitney Perkins just opened an online boutique – Bates Sister’s Boutique. So, they are busy with photoshoots that have many of the sisters as well as mom Kelly Jo Bates turning into models.

Besides that, Michaella Keilen and her husband Brandon Keilen are in the middle of moving back home. So, the Bates family is in the middle of a lot of projects at once. Surely, they’re trying to take of last-minute wedding details as well as other family responsibilities on UPtv’s Bringing Up Bates.

Bringing Up Bates Recap: Evan Stewart & Carlin Bates Race To Get Everything Done Before Wedding

The Bringing Up Bates recap for this week shows Carlin Bates and fiance Evan Stewart have tons of last-minute details to take care of. They need to get their new home ready so that when they return from their honeymoon it’s all set to move in. So, they try to kill two birds with one stone wherever they can. For, instance as they unpack and set up the house they rehearse the wedding duet they will perform at the ceremony.

Evan Stewart wrote a beautiful song called “I’m gonna show you I do” that will perform on the big day. So, they need to rehearse and practice their harmony’s so everything is just right. Additionally, they head down to the courthouse to get their marriage license. And, Carlin’s dad Gilvin Bates goes along for support. No doubt, planning a wedding can be stressful. But, Carlin and Evan are enjoying the experience and having fun with it, on the latest Bringing Up Bates.

Michaella Bates & Brandon Keilen – New House and Nursing School Plans

On this week’s Bringing Up Bates, the oldest daughter Michaella Bates and her husband Brandon Keilen are moving back to Tennessee. No doubt, her family is ecstatic! Originally, when they first got married they moved to Chicago for Brandon’s job. Now, Michaella got accepted into the nursing program at The Tennessee College Of Applied Technology. So, they are heading back home and Michaella is so happy to be closer to her family. Especially her younger siblings as they are growing up fast.

Certainly, the nursing school will take up a lot of time. But, she offered to carve out some time each day to tutor the younger kids. Remember, all the Bates kids are home-schooled. Also, Michaella came down a couple of days early to set up the house while Brandon finished up some things in Chicago. So, everyone is pitching in to help her move in and get the new house ready. Thankfully, Brandon will arrive the following day to help finish up on Bringing Up Bates. 

Carlin Bates, Erin Bates, and Whitney Perkins Business Photo Shoot

Recently, Carlin Bates, Whitney Perkins, and Erin Bates Paine recently opened an online shop called Bates Sister’s Boutique on Bringing Up Bates. They sell trendy and modest clothes at an affordable price so families can be fashionable without breaking the bank. No doubt, the kids’ clothes, and mommy-and-me sets are adorable! The sisters rent out a local studio space to take photos of the dresses to go up on the site. So, mom Kelly Jo and some of the sisters try their hand at modeling.

No doubt, it takes some adjusting but they have a blast doing it. They take pictures at least once a week. Plus, it’s a fun way for the family to get together while helping the business grow as well. As always, the Bates family is super busy but they love to pitch in and help each other as much as possible. Don’t miss next week’s one hour wedding season finale of Bringing Up Bates Season 8 to watch Evan Stewart and Carlin Bates’ tear-jerking nuptials on UPtv at 9 pm ET.

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