‘Bold and the Beautiful’: Will Bill & Steffy Get Another Shot – Don Diamont Hopes So

Many Bold and the Beautiful viewers love Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) with Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and hope to see a “Still” reunion. Well, it seems they’re not the only ones hoping for this outcome. The actor shared his thoughts recently on Steffy, Bill, and that slim hope that he might be Kelly Spencer’s (Zoe Pennington) bio-dad.

Bold and the Beautiful: Don Diamont Reveals Bill Spencer’s True Love

Recently, the Bill Spencer actor chatted with fans online during a live Twitter event. And he answered many fan questions during a flashback episode on Friday. Don Diamont said many kind things about his scene partners, including Thorsten Kaye, who plays rival, Ridge Forrester.

One viewer asked the Bold and the Beautiful actor if he and Thorsten get along together. Bill Spencer’s portrayer said they are “great friends” and “have a lot of laughs”. So, that probably makes shooting those epic fight scenes lots of fun – especially when Ridge tossed him off the balcony.

Then another Bold and the Beautiful watcher asked who’s Bill Spencer’s first love. In classic style, Diamont quipped back, “Bill’s first love is Bill”. That could explain why the bad boy tends to get in trouble. After all, if he loves himself so much, the ladies should, too, right?

B&B Actor Talks Katie, Brooke, and Steffy Forrester Too

Another fun question for Bill Spencer’s alter-ego was who is his “true love,” on Bold and the Beautiful. While Bill’s main love is himself, who’s his other love? Fans might debate that hotly. Now, of course, he’s back with Katie Logan (Heather Tom) and the actor sang her praises.

But, we saw in Bold and the Beautiful recaps that he lip-locked his ex Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang), yet again. There’s also a faction of fans who wanted to see lots more of Bill getting with Steffy Forrester. So, is Steffy the one that got away for him? What does the actor think?

Hilariously, when asked about Bill Spencer’s real love, Diamont threw up a laughing emoji and said, “he can make room for all three” and reminded them, “this is $Bill”. What’s funny is that while Bold and the Beautiful writers wouldn’t go there, you could imagine him loving that outcome.

Bold and the Beautiful-Steffy-Forrester-Jacqueline-MacInnes-Wood-Bill-Spencer-Don-Diamont.

Is Bill Spencer the Real Biological Dad of Steffy’s Daughter Kelly?

On Bold and the Beautiful, the paternity question still lingers. With Bill being one possible dad and Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) the other, a standard paternity test should not have given Steffy Forrester the answer. But remember, Dollar Bill just happened to be at the doctor’s office.

For a long time now, the Bold and the Beautiful fandom wondered if Bill bribed the lab tech to say Liam was the dad. Plus, when there’s a father-son duo as possible dads of Steffy Forrester’s daughter, a simple paternity test won’t work. Because of their shared DNA, there’s a more in-depth test.

When someone asked the Bold and the Beautiful veteran about Bill being Steffy Forrester’s baby daddy, here’s what he said. “I would love that”. That was also in response to someone saying that Bill and Steffy “deserve their shot”. So, it sounds like Don’s open to more of Bill with Steffy.

For now on Bold and the Beautiful, Bill’s begging Katie to take him back and Brooke’s chasing the dressmaker. Steffy Forrester, though, is very much single. And, at least where Don Diamont’s concerned, he seems wide open to more of “Still.” So, keep watching the CBS soap for more.

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