‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Is Back: Steffy-Bill-Brooke on Set – See the Pics

Bold and the Beautiful is back to work baby – and we’ve got the photo proof with Don Diamont, AKA Bill Spencer, and Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, AKA Steffy Forrester, back on set today – plus Brooke Logan actress Katherine Kelly Lang. For now, there’s no word on other actors, but here’s all the info and pics on B&B’s return to work.

Bold and the Beautiful Returns – New Episodes in July With Bill Spencer?

At least two B&B actors are back on the set already and excited to be at work. Look below to see a photo of Don Diamont, in his mask, and on the CBS lot. The Bill Spencer actor’s standing outside the actor’s entrance to the set and pointing to a huge sign. Guess what it says?

“Welcome back” to the Bold and the Beautiful. However, he didn’t share a pic on set as Bill, but outside. So, there’s been chatter that they might start back to work on June 15. And another source told us it would be June 22. However, Don might be there for preliminaries.

We’ve seen the plan that says Bold and the Beautiful and other TV actors will need to apply their own make-up. So, will Bill Spencer look all-natural, or can Don Diamont put on his own foundation? If they start shooting between now and next week, we might see new episodes by July.

Bold and the Beautiful: Bill Spencer (Don Diamont)

Steffy Forrester Actress Back on B&B Set Looking Glam

The second actor spotted on the Bold and the Beautiful set is always-fierce Jacqueline MacInnes Wood. Jacqui also posted a pic outside the same stage door, as well as a short video of her channeling Steffy Forrester. Jacqueline strutted her stuff like Steffy on the catwalk today.

So, that’s two actors that we can confirm are back on Bold and the Beautiful. And it’s an interesting choice. While Bill was front and center in a storyline, Steffy Forrester was not. However, we’ve also heard CBS daytime pressured the writers to offer more plots. So, that’s a hopeful sign.

Last week, our source at B&B said the soap reached out to actors, including Don and Jacqueline, about getting their COVID tests. Still, it’s surprising to see Steffy Forrester will be back with Bill Spencer shooting first scenes. But Don’s post said they are “back in production,” so it’s confirmed.

Bold and the Beautiful: Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood)

Can We Expect Bold and the Beautiful Scenes with Brooke Logan Too?

Spotting both the actors that play Bill Spencer and also Steffy Forrester prompts a huge question. Will these two be in some of the first scenes once B&B resumes filming? If the studio’s doing costume fittings and make-up self-application lessons, it makes sense to stagger people’s times.

There’s also Bold and the Beautiful news about Brooke Logan. The actress KKL, that plays Brooke, said her first day back on the set is this Thrusday. So, it sounds like the first shooting date we heard, June 22, may still be in play, and the actors are coming back in for fittings, to talk scripts, etc. And to get COVID tested and get familiar with the new safety standards.

It’s fantastic news. We’ve put out feelers to our sources to find out who else is on set.  For now, it’s Katherine, Dom, Jacqui, and Bold and the Beautiful crew and producers. And we’re very hopeful for what’s next for Steffy Forrester – hopefully, she gets a big plot and a new romance. Plus, Bill Spencer must explain himself for that Brooke Logan kissing video. It’s countdown time to new B&B episodes. Woo hoo!

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