‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: 5 Reasons Bill and Steffy Are Destined for Love

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal that the Bill Spencer ( Don Diamont) and Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) saga is not over quite yet. Bill has backed off Steffy for now, but Bill knows there is still a fire burning inside of her for him.

B&B viewers know that Bill and Steffy lusted for each other long before Liam was ever in the picture. They had a hot passionate affair that almost led them to the bedroom. But Steffy’s mom Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo) stepped in blowing it all up.

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Bill & Steffy have a passionate history on The Bold and Beautiful

These two have unfinished business. When Steffy finally gives in to her true feelings, this will be one explosive B&B couple. Steffy and Bill have quite a past together and could make the perfect soap super couple. Here are just five reasons why Bill and Steffy could make it as the next big B&B super couple.

#1 Bill could be Kelly’s daddy

There is still a chance that Bill really is baby Kelly’s daddy. Brad Bell could pull the popular paternity test switcharoo. That would mean Steffy gives Bill his first daughter and would make their relationship even more powerful as a super couple.

Bell may finally split the Steffy Liam waffling saga up by making Hope’s baby the real Liam baby. Steffy’s first born child could be Bill’s and to top it off Bill’s only daughter keeping ties to Steffy for at least 18 years!

Bold and the Beautiful viewers could only imagine how a little princess of Bill Spencer would be raised.

#2 – Both play hardball in the business world

Both are business driven and will stomp on anyone who gets in their way. This Bold pair are both master manipulators and will go to any extent to get what they want in business and in their personal lives.
Bold and the Beautiful fans will remember when Steffy blackmailed Bill into getting the CEO position of Forrester back from Katie after he had given it to her. Steffy trapped Bill into a seductive evening and stole Katie’s engagement ring as proof that she was in his bedroom.
Bill caved in and gave Steffy back the Forrester shares but also had admiration for Steffy’s cutthroat behavior.

#3 – Bill accepts her, Liam wants to change her

Steffy will never measure up to Liam’s holier than thou standards. She has always lived on the edge and been a rebel. Bill accepts and embraces who Steffy is and does not want to change her.
Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) is more like what Liam wants. Steffy will never be the good girl Liam wants her to be. Liam tries to change Steffy molding her into the perfect woman that he wants. Steffy is a strong, confident woman who needs to be free to be who she is and not be judged by Liam.

#4 – Steffy needs a strong man in her life

Bill would never judge Steffy’s guilt or innocence loyalty knows no bounds with Bill unlike his son Liam.

Steffy needs a man who will defend her and protect her instead of the other way around. Steffy is always pushing Liam out of harms way literally.

B&B viewers know that Bill and Steffy would be exciting in the boardroom and in the bedroom. Bill will put her first, unlike Liam who waffles between women daily.

#5 – The Obvious

Both are very good looking and oozing with sex appeal. Steffy could most likely tame the ole stallion, many have tried but none have succeeded. Steffy could just be what Spencer needs, a young vibrant strong-willed female Bill Spencer!

Could the news of Hope’s pregnancy push Steffy back into Bill’s arms for good?
Tune in as the drama continues!
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