‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Will Brad Bell Ruin Steffy’s Happiness?

Is the Bold and the Beautiful ramping up for a shocker for Steffy? Now that she’s the happy mom of newborn baby Kelly are the people behind the Bold and the Beautiful scenes scripting a plot that pulls the rug right out from under her?  Will the eight-time Daytime Emmy Award Winner Bradley Bell put Steffy’s life in a tailspin?

There are so many unanswered questions but fans believe they know where Bell is taking this Bold and the Beautiful script. For some of the fans, it keeps going back to the day Bill was lurking at the doctor’s office.

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B&B Treads On Dangerous Ground

As one fan of the show suggested, the Bold and the Beautiful is “treading on dangerous ground” these days. Is Bell setting the fans up for a shocker? The day Steffy went for her paternity test, Bill was seen lurking about. He had no reason whatsoever to be there.

The confidence that oozes from Bill as he insists that Steffy will one day be his wife has fans believing it stems from somewhere. Going back to that day in the doctor’s office, Bill was wallowing in guilt. He had made the decision to step out of Steffy’s way so she could find happiness.

Steffy Paternity Test Doubts Linger?

Bill knew that happiness would mean Steffy finding out her baby was Liam’s baby. Did that guilt prompt Bill to sway the lab tech, possibly with a bribe? Would the lab tech say that Liam is the father to protect the child?

Back then, since Steffy was freaking out over the possibility of Liam not being her baby daddy, the doctor or lab tech might have seen an opportunity to do a good deed. Telling Steffy what she wanted to hear would calm her down. Without getting her to calm down, it could have potentially turned into a health crisis for her unborn child.

If Bill really did sway the lab tech or doctor, then more than one person knows the truth. This means if Bill rigged it, he can unreavel it just as easily. With the amount of confidence Bill puts into his claims on having Steffy as his wife someday, one has to wonder. Most recently he said he’d leave her in peace, but then Bill kept pleading his case… Will The Stallion ever stop?

Listen to the Dialog…

Bold fans listening closely this week heard very careful and precise words used by Bill that hint at another agenda. Bill assured Steffy this week that she’s free to marry the father of her child. That was a strange bit of dialog. She didn’t ask if she was free to marry Liam – but her baby daddy and Bill agreed.

If Bill knows he’s the father of her child, agreeing to those terms would make perfect sense in his twisted mind. If you don’t recall it, go back and check out the words in the Bold and the Beautiful spoilers recap from She Knows.

Steffy might think they were talking about Liam, but Bill is devious and might have meant something else entirely. He agreed only that she is free to marry the father of her child.  This spawns a question for fans – is Bill the father and he was getting her to agree to marry him in a shady way?

Another Bold and the Beautiful Baby For Liam?

According to Soap Hub,  Brooke is bursting at the seams with happiness over Hope’s pregnancy. She reminds Hope that this is her chance to get Liam back now that she’s pregnant with his baby. She didn’t want to tell Liam before she was sure the home pregnancy test was accurate and the doctor confirmed it was.

The 4th of July starts with a bang for the Bold and the Beautiful fans. Liam’s “floored” reaction to the news that he is about to be a daddy again is more news than he can handle, suggests Monsters & Critics.

Baby News Amps-Up

The only thing that can change double-daddy-duty for Liam is if Bill is harboring some awful truth about the paternity of Steffy’s baby. Either way, the love triangle of Hope-Liam-Steffy is about to amp-up as baby news hangs in the balance.

Fans could see Bold and the Beautiful spinning one very tangled web. If Bradley Bell is about to twist Steffy’s life around once again, some fans will be angry. The clues picked up by the fans put Steffy’s paternity test in question. But with the news of Hope’s baby, Steffy’s world is about to implode either way.

A Tangled Web He Weaves

The Hope-Liam-Steffy triangle will soon have two babies and three unhappy people. The assumption now is that the babies have the same father, but clues suggest that a shocker is ahead. To say “the plot thickens” is an understatement.

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