‘Bold and the Beautiful’ – Bill Spencer’s Women-Who Was His Best Match? [POLL]

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal there will be more obsessive behavior from Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) towards his daughter in- law Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood). Spencer has always been a control freak and always gets what he wants. It seems Bill Spencer treats women like trophies. Take the poll and tell us who you think was Bill’s best match.

Bill carried a torch for Steffy long ago

Bold fans know Bill can also be a charmer. He professes his undying love for women. But there’s always Bill’s obsessive side to deal with. The Steffy obsession is not new while Bill was married to Katie Logan he almost bedded Steffy.
Steffy cried on Bill’s shoulder when her brother Thomas (Pierson Fode’) was missing. She ran to Bill for help. During that difficult time, Bill saved the damsel in distress. Bill and Steffy ended up getting passionate every chance they got. This time it was reciprocated by Steffy.
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The two carried on an affair behind Katie’s back. Steffy’s mom Dr.Taylor Hayes ( Hunter Tylo) caught them in the act and kicked Bill out, the relationship was never consummated. Fast forward to 2018 and Bold viewers have a continuation of the obsession Bill never let go of, how long until Spencer gets bored and finds another “object” of his affections?
It was at this time that Liam Spencer ( Scott Clifton) caught Steffy’s eye and bye bye Bill.

Bill was married to Katie but held a torch for Brooke

 The B&B Bill and Katie’s coupling is the pure definition of opposites attract. She was like the adult and he was like the kid that Katie would slap on the wrist. Bill was married to Katie and loved her deeply the two had a pretty good run for a soap marriage. They had a child together and Bill made Katie CEO of Forrester Creations and also had an affair with her sister Brooke whom he was very obsessed with.

“Brill” some fans really thought they would last

Brooke fought him tooth and nail claiming she couldn’t do it to her sister but eventually, his relentless stalkerish behavior won him “the trophy” yet again. Bill never took no for an answer and it made him pursue her harder and more passionate or some could call it obsessing over a woman he could not have.
B&B fans know eventually Brooke broke down and gave into his persistence. Some fans feel Brooke made him want to be a better man and he seemed to really adore her. Bill would move heaven and earth to make Brooke happy and Brooke made him a very happy man.
Then one day the fairytale that was “Brill” was over, in true soap fashion, the couple seemed to have amnesia of the undying love they once shared with each other.
Bill’s past “loves & obsessions” all share a special place in his heart but which one was or is the best woman for him, who makes Bill want to be a better person?

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The poll is now closed! Soap Dirt readers voted on the question “Who is the best match for Dollar Bill?” and here’s what you said:

  • 73% of you think that “Still” is the way to go and want him with Steffy
  • 15% of you think it’s still true love for Katie and the Stallion
  • 12% of you think Brooke and Bill are destined for each other

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