‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Thorne and Ridge Forrester in Nasty Campaign Against Bill?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest Thorne Forrester (Ingo Rademacher) and Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) band together to get Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) where it hurts. This entails cutting him off from his youngest son. While this didn’t start out as a battle to harm Bill, with the Forrester brothers involved, it somehow ended up this way.

Bold and the Beautiful Parenting Blunder

Katie Logan (Heather Tom) isn’t a much-willing participant in this brotherly campaign. She is dating Thorne Forrester who witnessed Katie and her son Will Spencer (Finnegan George) devastated by broken promises from Bill Spencer. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint to Thorne pushing Katie hard next week. He wants her to go for sole custody of her son, Will, despite Katie wanting to leave it the way it is.

Ridge Forrester and Thorne work together

Thorne confided in his brother Ridge Forrester last week on the matter. The B&B spoilers for next week show Ridge Forrester is gung-ho on this custody thing. Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Bill Spencer make strange bedfellows, but she sided with him. Spoilers indicate Ridge argues with his wife over Katie locking Bill out of Will’s life.

Brooke will shock the family when she takes Bill’s side. It already looks as if Katie decides to go along with filing for full custody of her son. B&B spoilers indicate scenes upcoming with a judge. Ingo Rademacher displayed some scripts on an Instagram story and you can see one featuring a judge to air in September that recently filmed.

Ingo Rademacher Instagram scripts

According to CBS Soaps in Depth, an actor signed on to play Judge Craig McMullen! That would be veteran actor Joe Lando. He will oversee the custody case for Bill and Katie. While it is not known just how far they will go with this custody thing, what is known that it goes before a judge at some point.

Bill Spencer and Brooke Logan Team Up Again

It might be hard for some fans to admit, but Brooke’s stand on this makes sense to many parents today. Both Thorne and Ridge Forrester seem to think Thorne can take Bill’s place as a father. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say that Brooke tells Ridge that while Thorne might someday make a great stepfather if he does marry Katie, he is not Will’s father.

Bold and the Beautiful Fans Furious at Thorne Forrester

The fans of the soap are reading the B&B spoilers and bashing Thorne Forrester online over this. “He needs to mind his own business” is echoing through the cyber hallways of the online world. Many disagree with Thorne’s involvement, especially after he took the liberty last week of talking to a lawyer about Katie filing a custody case unbeknownst to her.

Social media users are begging Katie not to do It. They are treating as if she is a real-life person and not a character. But most of all they think that Thorne should keep out of it. “Thorne should mind his own business,” wrote several people on CBS’ Bold and Beautiful Facebook page.

Another user wrote: “Why in the world would Katie just stand by and let Thorne tell Bill all of that crap? After this fan’s long rant about Thorne, they finished it off with “And Ridge, don’t let me start.”

B&B – Thorne Forrester Stacks Evidence Against Bill

Next week’s B&B spoilers point to Thorne Forrester taking advantage of yet another missed daddy-son visit. He plans to use this as evidence against Bill Spencer. Katie already told Bill that she had a calendar tracking all his broken promises to his son, which didn’t sit well with daddy Bill this week.

Bill is livid and next week he pulls out the big guns. According to the B&B spoilers, Bill threatens to use Katie’s past with alcohol as leverage in the custody case. Bill, who is ready to take a swat at Thorne for interfering, locks horns with him next week. There is no telling what will happen when he finds that Ridge Forrester is also encouraging the custody battle.

The fur flies as Katie Logan is pushed by her new boyfriend to go after Bill’s custody rights. Thorne, who may have a hidden agenda, gets in Bill’s face every chance he gets. What better way to get Katie all to himself than by taking Bill’s place as Will’s father. 

Bill told Katie last week that this could backfire. If Will finds that she took Bill to court, he might resent her. Bold and the Beautiful writers put new SORAS Will on the air quite a bit lately. It looks as if they may be gearing up for an in-house battle between mom and son and mom’s new boyfriend.

Will is Bill’s son and Thorne should keep out of it – that’s the consensus of Bold and the Beautiful fans on social media. Come back to Soap Dirt often for all your Bold and the Beautiful spoilers and news.