‘Bold and the Beautiful’: Hope’s Pregnancy Concerns Lead Brooke to Baby Doctor?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) and Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) will have some pregnancy drama after the wedding.

An upcoming plot that could shake things up involves Hope’s pregnancy and Brooke Logan. B&B spoilers promise Brooke Logan makes a trip to her daughter’s doctor. Hope Logan’s pregnancy has been uneventful except for her saying her morning sickness lasted all day. Now it appears the show may have a storyline for Hope’s baby.

Bold and the Beautiful Spotlights Hope Logan’s Baby?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest fans are invested in seeing Hope Logan start a family. B&B viewers want to see a happy outcome for Hope’s pregnancy.

Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) and Hope Logan are due for some ups and downs as man and wife, according to the B&B spoilers. But the future times that prove less than happy do not necessarily mean they will suffer a tragedy.

Bold and the Beautiful – Where is Hope’s Baby Bump?

B&B fans noted after the most recent episode that Hope Logan is not showing any sign of a baby bump. Viewers know a pregnancy in the soap world is never a traditional nine-month term like real-life. Usually, a character announces they are pregnant and before you know it, there’s a bump and five months later, they have a full term baby. It was the start of July (see above) so, the pregnancy should be booming by now!

Yet Hope Logan is not showing any physical signs of her pregnancy. With that said, she confided she is suffering from all-day morning sickness. Could it be that Hope is experiencing a false pregnancy? There are many reasons for a positive pregnancy test but no baby. It can be a test error, chemical pregnancy, ectopic, or caused by certain medications or illnesses.

Brooke Logan and Liam Spencer – To Baby Doc With Hope Logan

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers predict Brook and Liam both go see the doctor with Hope in coming days. This could be just standard pregnancy complications or the CBS soap could be doing something really drastic to add drama. But don’t expect Hope to lose the baby. The soap would not do that after she cruelly had a miscarriage of Wyatt Spencer’s (Darin Brooks) child.

Instead, the soap might be prepping for Hope to suffer extreme morning sickness. Given the recent introduction (and sad death) of royal cat Harry and newcomer Zoe Buckingham, there’s a “royal” feel to some plots. Maybe B&B has written Hope the same type of severe morning sickness (hyperemesis gravidarum) that struck Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge.

Hope’s Baby Fine But Problem Pregnancy?

Don’t believe any rumor-mongering sites that specialize in upsetting fans. It’s not likely that B&B would hurt Hope’s baby. If the plan for Hope’s baby does mirror the events from across the pond, the baby will be healthy and fine. If plans for Hope hold the same type of struggle, this may leave her confined to her in bed.

There’s much more drama ahead watching Liam juggle two families with Hope and Steffy. However, they could write Hope a health crisis that will affect her, but not the baby that places demands on her relationship with Liam. Spoilers say Liam leaves a baby appointment with Hope and runs to be with Kelly and Steffy, which gives Hope a glimpse of a rough road ahead.

Not a B&B Tragedy – But Not a Happy Ending Either?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint this plot could land somewhere in the middle. Expect some pregnancy drama without anyone dying – but also lots of angst. While Hope is pregnant, even if she’s struggling with complications, Liam must spend time with his daughter and other baby-mama. That won’t be easy on Hope.

No one wishes severe morning sickness on anyone, not even their enemies. With that said, this would be one way to get more mileage out of the Steffy-Hope-Liam triangle. Fans already got a look at Liam getting carried away with Hope while Steffy was at home with the baby. It could be that he does the same to Hope with Steffy on the side.

History does seem to repeat itself on soaps, so will Liam find himself having one of those moments with Steffy? Only time will tell what direction the show takes with Hope’s baby but as of now, there are no confirmed spoilers of anything happening that would put her pregnancy at risk, so put your fears to rest!

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