‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Liam’s Pride Before A Fall In the Works?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers noticed Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) patting himself on the back in one of the latest scenes from B&B. He does acknowledge he is in a bit of a dilemma with two women and two babies. But in a bizarre way, he acts as if he’s done something spectacular by way of procreation.

There’s more than one problem with this. Liam is sharing his delusions of grandeur with none other than Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang). She would love nothing better than to tarnish his thoughts toward Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and sway him over to Hope Logan (Annika Noelle).

Liam Spencer Needs a Lesson in the Birds and the Bees

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers show Liam told Brooke, mother of one of his baby mammas, that he had no idea that Hope would get pregnant. One might find this amusing from a teenager, but we’re talking about a grown man here.

This guy is certainly not acting like a man torn between two women. He’s acting more like a collector of women. If the B&B storyline keeps up with this attitude it just might make both of his baby mamas walk out of his life.

Liam’s Prouder Than a Peacock

Liam tells Brooke he is well aware he can only be with one woman. At the same time, he doesn’t come up for air while spreading those peacock-like feathers of pride for Brooke to witness.

He tells Brooke it is like an “embarrassment of riches” with two wonderful women both in love with him. It is almost like he is a bit infatuated with the idea that he has Steffy and Hope anchored to him by way of offspring.

Even On B&B You Only Get One!

Even Brooke’s blunt comebacks don’t get his head out of the cloud he’s in. She tells him you can only choose one. She also reiterates that Steffy slept with his father – as if Liam could forget that. He defends Steffy when Brooke promises that her step-daughter can’t be trusted.  Soap Dirt reported earlier that fans want to see Liam take them both as sister wives.

In a strange and almost sick way, Liam looks like he is enjoying being adored by two women. He boasts how one has his baby and the other is pregnant by him.

Is Bill Bell sending Liam in this direction? Fans have been anticipating the day Hope and Steffy will fight it out with one emerging the winner. Could it be Bell is concentrating on making Liam so full of himself that he is the one who emerges the loser?

Adored By Two

Will Liam play out this game for too long? First, there’s Hope who seems to hang on his every word. She’s giving him time to work out whatever it is he needs to work out. He’s going to have to say or do something major to sway this one away from him, but Steffy probably won’t put up with too much.

Brooke was able to knock him down a few notches by pushing Steffy as someone he can’t trust. But his head was growing larger and larger as he went on about how blessed he is with two women. It is like he doesn’t understand he can only have one despite everyone telling him so.

Bold and the Beautiful Setting Liam Up for a Fall?

Either Liam comes down off that pedestal or it’s eventually going to be hard to explain why these women stay with him. Even in the soap world, this can go on for just so long. Maybe there are three individual storylines planned for the future. One for Hope, one for Steffy and one for Liam whose’s big head may render him all alone.

Look at the forces working against Liam. Bill is now on a mission to get Steffy back. Brooke is pushing him toward her daughter Hope. So if Bill and Brooke join forces, you can bet these veteran manipulators get their way. It’s all that you expect from this CBS show.

Now with Liam looking like his own worst enemy taking pride in all this love and baby making, he could end up with two child support payments but no woman in his life. Will Liam’s ego seal his fate leaving him with no woman and the babies with their mamas with him completely alone?

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