‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Hope’s Crowded Marriage on Brooke’s Fix-It List?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint to Hope Logan’s (Annika Noelle) mood shifting next week as the honeymoon comes to an abrupt end. It is her mother, Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang), who Hope will confide in. B&B spoilers describe how this will put Brooke in a damage control mode and history has shown this usually means more damage is on the way.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers – Act of Goodness Backfires

Hope’s idealistic outlook for Liam Spencer‘s (Scott Clifton) co-parenting crosses a few lines next week. Hope Logan wants for Liam to enjoy a mature relationship with Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood). Hope offered this blended family idea out of kindness and she believed it could work. But next week Liam acts as if he has two wives.

Brooke Logan sees her daughter looking a bit distressed as the week begins and she insists on knowing why. This is tough for the newlywed who doesn’t want her mom involved.  While Hope has said nothing so far about Liam and Steffy’s frequent contact, the B&B spoilers point to her reaching her limit. Yes, apparently even Hope has a breaking point, which is rarely seen.

Hope Logan and Liam Spencer’s Honeymoon Over?

The staycation honeymoon will run its one-day course and Liam Spencer falls back into familiar ways. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest that Hope’s blended family ideas will work a little too well. They also suggest that she’s about to pay the price. Steffy Forrester seeps into the newlyweds’ life around every corner this week.

It seems like only yesterday Hope was on top at Forrester Creations with her Hope for the Future line. Now, Steffy, a name mentioned a bit too often by Hope’s new husband, will be top dog at FC. Steffy’s new bedroom line of lingerie takes the world by storm and suddenly it’s Steffy’s creations everyone is talking about.

B&B Spoilers Show Steffy Forrester Overload

To add insult to injury for the pregnant Hope, the B&B spoilers suggest how the beautiful Steffy is suddenly the star of the show. She is also modeling the lingerie line. Steffy gives a preview of the show next week. Once the tables turn at FC Hope now gets an overload of Steffy in both her personal life and career.

Brooke Logan Revs Up Mama Bear Routine

None of this will escape Brooke Logan and while she can’t stop Liam from seeing Steffy Forrester, she might be able to do something about Hope’s line at work playing second fiddle to Steffy’s line. Or at least she may think she can. Will Brooke work behind the scenes to put Steffy’s new line in jeopardy?

If anyone can give advice on what to do about a crowded marriage Brooke Logan can. She’s faced the same dilemma as her daughter in the past. It will be interesting to hear what Brooke’s advice will be. But it sounds like she goes beyond offering up tips when next week’s episodes air.

Brooke Logan is a desperate mother fighting for her daughter’s happiness… again. She wore frosting like a cake last time that happened.

B&B Distress Unplanned

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers point to Steffy’s frequent presence in the newlyweds’ lives as a source of distress for Hope. If this was a planned plot, it couldn’t have been more successful at pulling the rug out from under the new bride. But the B&B spoilers are not presenting any plots, these events tainting Hope’s happiness unfold naturally without harm to Hope in mind.

What makes matters even worse is that everything about to unfold is basically what Hope originally advocated for. It was her vision for a blended family with all three adults in each other’s lives. Steffy has been very kind to Hope and she will be unaware of the influence she’ll have over Liam as the week goes on. Furthermore, she’ll have no idea that Hope will see her as a threat.

Bold and the Beautiful – Brooke Logan on Damage Control?

It is not as if Hope can ask Liam to stop seeing Steffy, they haven’t done anything wrong. Besides she’s the mom of Liam Spencer’s daughter Kelly.  But that’s not the take that comes from Hope’s mother, Brooke Logan will see things altogether differently. As far as she’s concerned, this slights her little girl and that won’t do.

It looks like Hope Logan just added extra stress to her already stressful situation by confiding in her mom. It is just a matter of time before Brooke concocts a “fix” for this situation. That can only mean more trouble down the line for the newlywed bride.

It seems like just yesterday that Liam Spencer supported Hope Logan with her launch for her designs at FC. This week Liam Spencer is around as Steffy Forrester models her creations for a show. Since it is a bedroom line, some of the designs are rather skimpy.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang)

Same Old Liam Spencer

B&B spoilers have the same old Liam this week at FC, but this time it’s Steffy’s design launch that has Liam’s attention. Fans remember what happened when Steffy was at home with Kelly and Liam was at work with Hope Logan.

Hope’s “all day morning sickness,” was a tidbit thrown into several conversations last week. There’s a reason this gets mentioned so often. Will the expectant mom suddenly need to take some time off due to her sickness?

This would put Liam Spencer along with Steffy Forrester in the same place Liam was in with Hope at FC just weeks ago. The B&B spoilers suggest that this love triangle is far from over and next week fans will get a glimpse of that. Hopefully, he will exercise restraint this time around as last time it led to the scene in the dressing room that Steffy walked in on.

Fans of the show just might get to see if Steffy has more restraint than Hope did with Liam when the shoe was on the other foot. Will both Ladies fall under the spell of “it just happened?”

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Hope Logan (Annika Noelle)

Hope Abandoned At Ultrasound Just Tip of the Iceberg – Bold and the Beautiful’s Annika Noelle’s Own Spoilers

While everyone is talking about the B&B spoilers that describe how Liam will abandon Hope at the ultrasound appointment, there’s much more going on for Hope. A scene of Hope Logan alone with her the ultrasound image of their baby takes front and center in the spoilers for the upcoming week.

This occurs after Liam Spencer gets a phone call from Steffy Forrester, who needs help with Kelly. While this scene sounds somewhat devastating, Bold and the Beautiful spoilers describe this as just one of many disappointments slated for the new bride next week.

The B&B spoilers this week get a jump-start from an interview with Annika Noelle herself. She talked about her character, Hope Logan, and the pregnancy without giving too much away. Annika did, however, assure the soap’s fans that Hope Logan is pregnant, it is not a cyst and she’s not experiencing a fake pregnancy.

The woman who plays Hope Logan also stated that her character is pregnant with Liam’s baby. This puts some of the theories floating around online to bed.

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