‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Hope Tells Brooke Crazy Marriage Wrecking Plan

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers promise Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) finally tells Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) her plan to push Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) away. She envisions a future for Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and her children – with Liam there as a full-time dad. Therefore, this future might not include her except as Steffy’s step-sister and Liam’s ex. Will Hope follow through and end her marriage or can Brooke Logan stop the insanity?

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Hope Logan Spills To Brooke Logan

Hope ends up confiding in her mother Brooke Logan about her marriage. As B&B spoilers showed, Hope Logan chooses a crazy plan for her marriage in the near future. It definitely sounds like she wants to end things with Liam Spencer. While she might not give Liam a heads-up, she confesses to Brooke.

According to new Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, she comes clean to Brooke about her plans for her husband. Evidently, Hope sees a bright future for Kelly Spencer (Zoe Pennington) and Phoebe Forrester (Rosalind Aune & Isabella De Armas). She sees Liam’s future as a father to both the little girls.

Obviously, Liam Spencer is Kelly’s biological father, so he’s always going to be in her life. Therefore, he’s also going to be in Phoebe’s life, as the baby girls are now sisters. However, as Hope Logan confides in her mother, Brooke worries about what Hope plans to do. No one will think she needs to shove Liam at Steffy, but she will. Brooke wants to stop it.

B&B Spoilers: Watch Hope Logan Shoves Liam Spencer Away

Evidently, that’s just what Hope does on Bold and the Beautiful. She begins to encourage Liam to spend more time with Steffy, Kelly, and Phoebe. She slowly but surely beings to force Liam towards Steffy and her newly expanded family.

As viewers noticed, she is increasingly obsessed with baby Phoebe. Of course, Hope has yet to find out that Phoebe is actually Beth, the baby she believes she lost in childbirth. The connection and bond that Hope Logan feels to Phoebe is actually a mother-daughter bond with her real child.

As she works to give Phoebe a happy childhood, she continues to push her husband away. Therefore, her marriage goes downhill but it may be moving too slowly, so she does something more drastic. Will Brooke warn Liam after Hope’s little confession? At this point, Liam may be the only person who can save their marriage, as his wife looks like she’s about to check out of it. Hopefully, he takes Brooke Logan seriously if she gives him a heads-up.

Bold and the Beautiful: Liam Fights For Marriage

As previous B&B spoilers divulged, Liam isn’t ready to give up on their marriage. He recognizes that she is still struggling with losing her daughter, as is he. However, she’s focusing too much on Phoebe and giving her the best possible future imaginable. Brooke Logan will be stunned to hear her daughter’s plan.

But, Liam Spencer fights for his marriage on Bold and the Beautiful. He’s not giving up on her and he plans to help her get through this. However, she might not want anything to do with him as she focuses solely on Phoebe’s future. In fact, she could work to guilt him into leaving her, or at the very least guilt him to spend more time with the babies.

If Hope continues down this path, she could intentionally lead him straight into Steffy’s arms. As Steffy and Liam have a long history together, could a Steam reunion be ahead? Or will Liam save his marriage to Hope Logan before she completely ruins it? Hopefully, Brooke Logan will take action once she learns what Hope planned.

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