‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Filming Date Revealed – Latest on New Episodes of ‘B&B’

Bold and the Beautiful should be back to work soon – and we’ve got a projected start date for new filming. So, we could see new B&B episodes by late July, if they hustle editing. Here’s the latest news from two sources confirming the gates are open for the CBS soap to get back to work.

Update from California Governor on TV Production – When Can Bold and the Beautiful Restart?

The first bit of news comes from the CA Governor Gavin Newsom. We already reported the guidelines B&B must meet to get back to work. These came from a 22-page report created by the Hollywood studios working with the unions for actors and crew members.

Now, the Governor reviewed the plan and greenlit it. He said TV shows and films could resume on the twelfth of June, at the earliest. That means, potentially, Bold and the Beautiful could be back to work in a week. However, we’ve heard that they won’t restart on the earliest date. What’s the hold-up?

One issue is that the shows must each have a COVID-19 compliance officer. That’s a new job no one’s done before, so that can be a roadblock. Also, Bold and the Beautiful must make changes to the scripts, sets, wardrobe, makeup, and facilities to get ready for the comeback.

Bold and the Beautiful: Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks) - Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood)

B&B LEAK: Actors Notified About COVID Testing to Return to Work

An inside source at CBS daytime spilled the beans on the start date for Bold and the Beautiful. They said that the soap started contacting actors about return dates and what they need to do to return to the set. The source also said production notified actors about what COVID tests they’d need.

Plus, Bold and the Beautiful has to get the COVID-19 officer in place, then make the changes required. No doubt, they’ll also have to have a safety inspection and jump through some hoops before they can bring actors and primary crew back to the B&B soap set.

As we reported, Bold and the Beautiful has to ditch paper scripts, where possible. They’ll need to change how they handle close-up interactions between cast and the crew, like with wardrobe, hair, and makeup. Plus, they need handwashing stations and other safety criteria.

What Date Will Bold and the Beautiful Resume New Episodes – It’s Not June 12

So, what date did our source say Bold and the Beautiful would resume taping new episodes? The leaker said that the soap would start back filming June 22, at the earliest. That’s 10 days after the Governor’s earliest start date, but they need time to meet safety standards.

If they do get back to work filming Bold and the Beautiful new episodes that day, when will we see them on our TVs? Usually, B&B shoots four to six weeks (give or take) ahead of air dates. So, if they take their usual time in post-production, it’ll be August before we’ve got new B&Bs to watch.

However, if Bold and the Beautiful editors hit the ground running and speed up their work, we might (just maybe) see new episodes in July. If we do, look for them later that month. But, it’s likelier it’ll be early August when we have new CBS soaps to watch.

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