Plan Approved for ‘Bold and the Beautiful’ to Film New Episodes

Bold and the Beautiful aims to be the first soap to resume filming new episodes, and a new plan was approved to get Hollywood back to work. However, this will bring changes to how they tape episodes and what actors can and can’t do – and which ones may not return to work yet. Here’s the latest info on getting B&B new episodes soon.

Bold and the Beautiful Could Be First to Resume New Episodes

Already, B&B said they plan to get back to work in June. They’ve alerted cast and crew, we’ve heard from our inside source, that they’re gearing up for filming. However, it’s not up to the CBS soap to start filming. They must have approval from the California governor and the unions.

Now, a new plan titled “Roadmap to Recovery Framework” just hit Governor Gavin Newsom’s desk, and as soon as he says yes, Bold and the Beautiful could get back to work. Already the plan’s approved by the studios and unions, so there’s just one more hurdle from the state of CA.

However, there’s a lot in this 22-page plan that will impact how they shoot scenes, who’s allowed to work, and a ton of safety standards to protect Bold and the Beautiful actors and staff. But even if things change, at least we’ve got the prospect of new episodes for B&B soon.

Bold and the Beautiful: Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) behind the scenes with crew

Expect Changes at B&B – Will Actors Maintain Social Distance While Filming?

As a soap, Bold and the Beautiful should give us drama, conflict, and romance. But how do you accomplish all that while social distancing? The new plan from Hollywood sets a ton of guidelines. The CBS soap must first hire a COVID-19 compliance officer.

The problem for Bold and the Beautiful is that this is a job newly created, so they may have a tough time finding someone to fill that spot. And, they can’t resume filming until they’re in place. Also, the plan encourages actors to work without paper scripts – and says they can’t share them.

Also, the unions want to minimize face-to-face interaction with crew and cast, so that could affect how Bold and the Beautiful does hair and makeup work. Plus, they encourage production to use “digital effects” to make cast members seem closer while social distancing. And there’s more.

Bold and the Beautiful: Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks) on set

Will Bold and the Beautiful Lose the Romance Because of COVID-19?

Bold and the Beautiful fans want their romance back – not just re-runs. But, will soap stars be allowed to film love scenes given the new contagion concerns? And are the days of catfights and lady brawls over on the CBS sudser? The plan is strangely silent on this aspect of filming.

While the plan discourages fist bumps and shaking hands in scenes, it didn’t spell out any bans on love scenes. So, can Bold and the Beautiful still show kissing and bed scenes? The plan warned that “intimate scenes” and fight scenes would put cast at higher risk of exposure.

However, it didn’t say that they can’t film them. More demands Bold and the Beautiful must meet to resume filming are frequent COVID tests on set, lots of handwashing, and little hand sanitizer bottles in everyone’s pockets. So, that all seems pretty doable. They also don’t want location shoots, for now, so no more lunches at Il Giardino.

Another caveat is that cast over age 65 should talk to their doctor before coming back to work. So, that could affect Bold and the Beautiful‘s Eric Forrester (John McCook). And, the current plan discourages using children for the foreseeable future so B&B likely won’t have kids on set for awhile.

It’s excellent news for Bold and the Beautiful, so check at Soap Dirt often for more updates.