When is ‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Coming Back – B&B Producer & Actor Drop Hints

Bold and the Beautiful is still dark and not shooting, but a producer for CBS daytime just shared an update on their status. Will B&B be back to work soon? Here’s the latest info we’ve got on your favorite soap and when you’ll see new episodes.

When Will Bold and the Beautiful Come Back With New Episodes?

It’s another week of re-runs on B&B now, but how long will that be the case? This week, it’s classic clashes with giant rivalries. And this marks the sixth straight week of classic episodes on our TV screens. So, how much longer will Bold and the Beautiful remain shut down?

A couple of weeks ago, it leaked that B&B was telling actors they aimed to get back to work in June. Well, it’s June, and no one is back to work in Hollywood. However, there is some fresh news on Bold and the Beautiful getting back to work. And it came from two sources.

We’ve got updated info from one of the cast members and a producer. But first, it’s important to note why B&B might get back to work before any other soaps. It’s because Bold and the Beautiful’s owned by the Bell Family rather than a big corporation. That helps cut red tape to restarting.

B&B Producer Shares Update on Return to Filming

One of the heads of CBS daytime, producer Casey Kasprzyk tweeted the above. He showed their schedule board for where they’re coordinating classic episode re-runs. But above it, Casey offered a tidbit of good news about Bold and the Beautiful.

He said they hope to soon return to originals. To get new B&B episodes on the air, that means filming needs to resume ASAP. So, it sounds like they’re pushing hard to resume filming. Despite being wholly owned by the Bells, there are still roadblocks for Bold and the Beautiful.

Because the actors and crew belong to unions, they have to have approval from them to resume filming. Of course, the unions’ top concern is safety, but word is it that Bold and the Beautiful writers are changing up how they shoot to try and address concerns.

Bold and the Beautiful: Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks)

Bold and the Beautiful Actor Adds Fuel to the Fire

In addition to the CBS producer hyping the B&B return, actor Darin Brooks, AKA Wyatt Spencer, is doing the same. He gave encouraging news to a fan who asked about when Bold and the Beautiful starts filming again.

The Wyatt actor said that B&B’s “working on it with LA County” now. And he added it’ll be “hopefully soon” that they resume filming Bold and the Beautiful. These are all huge hints that at least one of the soaps might be back to work soon.

So, it sounds like they’re working with the county and unions to figure out when and how they can get back to work. And if they can start filming Bold and the Beautiful in June as they hope, then it could be July or early August when we see new B&Bs. Check here often for more updates.

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