‘Bold and the Beautiful’: Bill Spencer’s Fury Melts – Insane Behavior Shocks

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) is in a furious state next week after all his “dad” efforts fail. It could be he finally hits bottom or has a temporary bout of a rather good insanity. For whatever reason it looks like B&B spoilers show Bill Spencer making an odd change. Furthermore, if the change is that drastic it will cause a lot of raised eyebrows in the Spencer clan.

Bold and the Beautiful – Several Failed Attempts

Attempting to become a better dad to Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) and Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks) went nowhere. Then he was prompted by Katie Logan (Heather Toms) to do some dad things with his youngest son. But Bold and the Beautiful spoilers point to him bombing yet again.

Bill was not invited to Liam’s wedding despite attempting to make peace with his son. He did this just before the invitations went out. Wyatt is Liam’s best man and he’s taken his brother’s side when it comes to his father’s ploys.

It is coming from all sides when it comes to his offspring. A seed planted for Katie may just have her going for full custody of Will Spencer (Finnegan George). This was described in the latest Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

Bill Spencer Can’t Fit the Order on The Bold and the Beautiful?

So now Bill has two grown sons not making him part of their lives. Furthermore, he has a young son looking for a father figure. B&B spoilers describe how this is a position that Bill just can’t seem to fill.

B&B spoilers have this father of three building up to a rage with all these doors closing in his face. Soaps She Knows reports that Bill confides in Justin Barber (Aaron Spears). This meeting may be a real eye-opener for his best friend.

B&B Scripts Crack Up or Crack Open?

Justin is also a lawyer, so there may be another reason to visit. It may be a reason that’s not mentioned in the Bold and the Beautiful spoilers. This is looking like a setup for Bill to have a melt-down but with Dollar, instead of cracking up, he may just crack open. As in cracking open his wallet.

Sure he is confiding in Justin, but what else is he doing? He’s already been told by his grown sons that money always came before them. This was a sentiment echoed by Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) not too long ago. She said something similar to this when talking with Bill while he was vying for her hand in marriage.

Dollar Bill Attempts the Steffy Forrester Tactic?

If you remember what he did for Steffy you might just see a possible trend starting with Bill Spencer. Dollar gave her the Forrester stocks without a string attached. Sure, there was his not-so-secret agenda of hoping she’d change her mind. He was hoping she’d agree to the marriage. But he gave them to her lock, stock, and barrel despite turning him down.

Bill knows now just how happy he made Steffy with this gift. If it brought happiness to her, why not do something similar for his sons. B&B spoilers suggest a hard-sell for Bill trying to get Liam and Wyatt back into his life. The two Spencer boys don’t trust that Bill really does want to change his ways. In Bill Spencer’s world, what greater way to show love? That would be money and valuable gifts.

Bold and the Beautiful Liam Spencer-Scott Clifton - Bill Spencer- Don Diamont - Wyatt Spencer - Darin Brooks

Liam Spencer and Hope Logan – Knock Their Socks Off?

If you think about it, what better time to make a grand gift offering to Liam but just after he’s tied the knot. This just may be a gift that will knock the socks off of both Liam and Hope. Not to mention everyone else in Bill’s circle.

Don’t forget Bill Spencer does have another agenda when it comes to making Liam happy in his marriage. B&B spoilers convey that Bill’s mindset would point to keeping Liam happy in his life with Hope and away from Steffy. If he does offer a grand-scale gift to the newlyweds, to Bill, it is also an investment in keeping Steffy free of Liam.

Wyatt Spencer and Sally Spectra Home Coming?

Bold and the Beautiful has a way of planting seeds that don’t seem like seeds at the time. In an argument that Bill had with Wyatt a while back he reminded his son that the beach house he was living in was his. This was after his father called him “Moon Doggie.” He said this when he saw a surfer mural painted on the wall by Zoe Buckingham (Kiara Barnes).

What better gift to give Wyatt, but the beautiful home he shares with someone his father detests, Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope). Bill welcoming Wyatt into his very own home and extending an olive branch to Sally would surely show this son how he’s changed.

Or at least according to Bill’s way of thinking, it does. While he might look like he’s welcomed Sally into his close-knit circle, it could very well be he is biting his tongue while doing this.

Daddy Dollar Gift-Giving Spree?

If Daddy Dollar does go off on a Santa in August spree, he is going to have a lot of people thinking he is insane. Starting with Justin, who will have to get all the paperwork in order for Bill to fill his kid’s Christmas in August stockings. Because this is so unlike Bill Spencer, he might even come across some apprehension about accepting gifts. No matter how awful he was in the past, Liam and Wyatt are not going to take advantage if they think daddy is off his rocker.

Money is Not Everything – But Will it Help?

Katie has already told Bill that money is not what Will needs. This was thrown into the conversation as he boasted about how he shows his love by setting his son up for wanting nothing in life. This would offer him the challenge to get Will all the things a kid his age could want.

Katie just might find herself fighting with Will over that hoverboard just arriving. Or better yet, the kid’s favorite superhero showing up at the front door.

Bill Spencer has deep pockets when he wants something. This would offer a shocker this time around because it is not a business or property he’s after. If he does use the Steffy Forrester strategy on his sons, it will leave a lot of people scratching their heads once again.

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