‘Bold and the Beautiful: Ridge-Taylor Plot to Sabotage Liam-Hope Marriage

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers have Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) and Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo) ripe for post-wedding sabotage. Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) and Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) get hitched, but the pair won’t give up on splitting them. Ridge and Taylor want Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) to get what she wants. That’s Liam!

Bold and the Beautiful Festering Anger

Steffy’s mom made her protest quite clear on Friday’s Bold and the Beautiful. Both Taylor Hayes and Ridge Forrester have protested this wedding from the get-go.

Taylor Hayes will most likely leave the wedding at Steffy’s insistence, feeling disgraced after making a scene, suggests the Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.  She took her protest of Liam and Hope’s marriage to new heights and a frosting-covered Brooke is evidence of this.

Don’t forget – all last week Ridge’s stinger was out taking aim at Brooke as she threw glad tidings in his face over the wedding. In the same time frame, The psychiatrist mom did nothing but fester her anger.  She is fixated on Hope Logan stealing the man of her daughter’s dreams.

The Wrath of Brooke Logan

B&B spoilers indicate that Hope Logan and Liam Spencer do get to exchange their vows despite the interference of a cake fight initiated by Taylor. Ridge Forrester is just about choking on the vows repeated by Liam and Hope at the altar but he cannot interfere.

Unlike Taylor, Ridge Forrester has to face his wife every day. He can’t risk having the wrath of Brooke emerging. If he is going to do something, Brooke can’t know a thing about it.

Hunter Tylo isn’t just scripted into Bold and the Beautiful as part of the chaos at the wedding. She’s on a re-occurring status and reports indicate she’ll be appearing on the soap as needed. With that said, there’s plenty of time for a plot of sabotage to unravel before Hope Logan has her baby.

Hope Logan and Taylor Hayes Really Duke Out the Past

The Steffy-Brooke-Liam triangle brought back some of the past grudges that made Brooke and Taylor Hayes mortal enemies. This is seen mentioned in some of the B&B spoilers this week. The character of Tayor has some “rich history” with the three main families on this soap, suggests Soaps In Depth.

It is past anger and scorn that makes Liam Spencer somewhat of a trophy in a win-lose competition between Brooke and Taylor Hayes. Whether it is Steffy or Hope Logan who gets Liam, for the mothers of these ladies it drudges up the past.

Taylor and Brooke are mirroring the fights and battles they’ve embarked on during their B&B history. The women continue these battles using their daughters as proxies.

Ridge Forrester has Steffy Forrester’s Future in Mind

Ridge’s desire for Steffy and Liam Spencer’s happiness is not based on his past, it is mainly based on Steffy’s future. B&B spoilers suggest Steffy’s dad has three fatherly reasons to see his daughter happily married to the man she loves instead of Hope. First of all, he wants his daughter to spend her life with the man she loves.

He also wants Steffy and Kelly to be a whole family with Liam Spencer again as originally planned. Ridge doesn’t want Steffy free, single, and let Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) to step into her life once again. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest that Steffy is putting on a good front. But that pain she is feeling is especially noticeable to her parents.

Steffy’s Happiness in Mind But…

To Ridge Forrester, Steffy is in a very vulnerable position right now and his biggest worry is that Dollar Bill slides in to take advantage of her state of mind. With that said, Taylor also wants Steffy to be happy with the man she loves.

The new grandmother does want to see Steffy with the father of her daughter as one little family but that’s not all. She also doesn’t want Brooke to win. If Hope and Liam Spencer live happily ever after, that is a win for Brooke in the eyes of these two dueling women.

The parent protection mode kicks in for both Steffy’s parents. Being a protective parent got a lot of airtime last week. Not only Ridge Forrester but Steffy’s mom as well told Steffy what it is like to see your own child hurting. B&B spoilers hint that it looks as if this was the foundation for Ridge and Taylor’s next move.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers – Speed is of the Essence

Seeing Steffy so despondent over losing Liam Spencer might just be enough for Ridge and Taylor to pair up and attempt to fix things for her. They might even take a page from Brooke’s own playbook. Don’t forget, it was Brooke’s speedy wedding arrangements that will get Hope married off before Steffy and Liam can change their minds.

It looks as if Taylor and Ridge need to speed things up as well. Once Hope gives birth to the baby, getting Liam to change his mind will be a near impossible feat. It’s not too much of a stretch to think Steffy’s parents won’t give up on her happiness. Even if Steffy claims she has.

B&B Couple Reunite Over Common Cause

While this couple makes for some strange bedfellows, it looks as if Ridge Forrester and Taylor may just unite in some post-wedding meddling. Brooke was so adamant and defiant about putting Hope together with the man in her sights. With that said, it may be time for Steffy’s parents to do the same.

Will Ridge and Taylor do the same for their little girl? We’re talking Steffy’s mom here… you can just about bet the farm she will! Sure, Liam is now married but a little sabotaging of the wedded bliss might just be in store for the newlyweds. It could be Ridge and Taylor have something up their sleeve before the marriage has a chance to take flight during the honeymoon phase.

Still, other B&B spoilers put them as a couple falling more in love on this staycation honeymoon.  Come back to Soap Dirt often for all your Bold and the Beautiful spoilers and news.