Bold and the Beautiful Promo: Wedding Mayhem – Taylor and Brooke Brawl [Video]

A Bold and the Beautiful spoilers promo shows the wedding breaks into chaos when Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo) and Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) throw down. This isn’t the first time these two have brawled and it probably won’t be the last. They’ve fought in a pond, in mud, and now in a wedding cake. This is a sequel to a series of catfights that have played out over the years.

The video shows Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) coming down the staircase ready to take her vows. Her face is shining with all the happiness she is feeling for finally having that special day with her groom Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton). While Bold and the Beautiful fans are thrilled at the sight of Hope’s wishes coming true, her day has just begun at this point. She’s got a battle on her hands.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers – Generation Gap

You saw the two elders of the Forrester and Logan families go at it on Friday’s show. Brooke Logan invited Taylor Hayes to her home under the ploy of making peace. Nothing resembled a peace-making mission as the verbal fur flew between the two women. Brooke Logan demanded that Taylor bow out of coming to the wedding and suggested she tell Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) to do the same. ‘

Taylor Hayes would hear nothing about this. At first, Taylor was determined not to go to the wedding with Steffy, but Brooke’s demands have made this a challenge. It is a challenge that she won’t pass up.

Steffy Forrester and Hope Logan Shine

It is worth noting that the younger Forrester, Logan, and Spencer generation is acting very mature. Steffy, who is uncomfortable watching Liam get married, goes there for the purpose of unifying their families. Hope invited Steffy for the reason of healing old wounds and Liam was fine with it all as usual.

It was the elder generation of the two of the families that made a show of themselves with the mother of the bride and parents of the groom’s ex-fiancee causing quite the uproar at the wedding

Taylor Hayes Makes it a Day of Mourning

First of all, Taylor Hayes who thought Liam belonged to her daughter Steffy and not Hope showed up all in black. She had already made a statement to Brooke Logan on Friday’s episode that she won’t let Hope steal Steffy’s husband. So what does she do?

She protests this wedding starting by showing up in a dress best suited for a funeral, she was all in black.

Let Them Wear Wedding Cake?

Then Taylor Hayes gets in Liam’s face telling him he is marrying the wrong woman and he belongs with Steffy. Now don’t forget this is also Ridge Forrester’s (Thorsten Kaye) mindset as well. He is hot under the collar that the man his little girl loves is marrying another woman.

Then there is Brooke Logan who is like the mother hen pecking all around the grounds making sure everything goes on without a hitch for her little girl, Hope. So when Brooke overhears Taylor’s words to Liam, the calm and serene wedding plans are flushed… along with the wedding cake. IBT spoilers ask if Brooke and Taylor ruin the wedding? Let’s put it this way, they gave it their all and almost did!

It looks like both Brooke and Taylor are all decked out in frosting by the time their much-anticipated catfight finishes. Then, of course, Ridge is furious at Brooke for all her jabs about Hope being the right wife for Liam. The animosity in that room is overpowering.

Bold and the Beautiful Second Generation Drops Their Jaws

While all this takes place, there’s Steffy who was having a hard enough time as it is. She is watching the man that she loves about to marry Hope. Then there’s Hope, whose wedding was just ruined, along with the wedding cake because of battling elders of the two families.

And the Good News is…

The good news that comes out of this fiasco is that Hope and Liam are now married. Better yet, the “staycation” honeymoon that Liam planned last minute was a success. Hope and Liam leave the scraps of ruined wedding cake behind. They don’t look over their shoulder at Brooke and Taylor all covered in cake and go off for some romance.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint to Liam and Hope falling more in love than ever before on their staycation honeymoon.  Come back to Soap Dirt often for all your Bold and the Beautiful spoilers and news.