7 Way Bill Ruined Katie’s Life on ‘Bold and the Beautiful’

Bold and the Beautiful this week shows Katie Logan‘s (Heather Tom) first wedding to Bill Spencer (Don Diamont). While it seems romantic, this was the start of years of torment for her at his hands. That guy keeps doing her dirty. So, today we take a look at seven of the ways Bill ruined Katie’s life (although the real number is much higher) on the CBS soap.

#1 Katie Logan Had a Heart Attack Over His Lust for Steffy

From the start, Bill Spencer lied to Katie Logan on Bold and the Beautiful. When he wed her the first time, he was following orders from his dad, Spencer Sr, to get revenge on the Forresters. But after they said their vows, young Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) tempted Bill.

They played dirty games behind Katie Logan’s back. And he got in so deep, Steffy blackmailed him on Bold and the Beautiful. Later, Bill Spencer decided to ditch Katie and get with Steffy. The drama and trauma triggered Katie Logan’s heart attack. That man literally broke her heart.

#2 Bill Tormented Her During Risky Pregnancy – Bold and the Beautiful

Despite his roving eye, Katie Logan loved Bill Spencer. So, she wanted to give him a child even though it could kill her. First, he told her to have an abortion, which Katie refused. But with no respect for her high-risk pregnancy, Bill meddled with his son’s lives.

On Bold and the Beautiful, Bill Spencer’s antics pushed Katie Logan into early labor. Then, she devolved into postpartum depression. And, while she suffered, Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) tempted Bill. That was the start of them doing dirty deeds behind her back.

#3 Brooke & Bill Cheating Drove Katie Into a Coma

Back then on Bold and the Beautiful, Brooke boozed, got a DUI, and then Katie Logan caught Bill in her sister’s bed. Because of Brooke and Bill Spencer running around behind her back, she slacked off her meds for her donated heart and got seriously sick.

In fact, Katie Logan got so sick she went comatose. Yet, when she woke on Bold and the Beautiful, once again, Bill convinced her to take him back and that he’d be faithful to her. Of course, he was a lying liar that lied. Bill couldn’t keep his cheating eyes off Brooke by then.

Bold and the Beautiful: Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) - Katie Logan (Heather Tom) - Bill Spencer (Don Diamont)

#4 He Drove Katie Logan to Drink on Bold and the Beautiful

There was a period on B&B when Katie broke free of him and fell for Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kate). But, Brooke messed that up for her sister, too. Inevitably, Katie went back to Bill and helped Brooke get sober. Of course, they’d repay her kindness with betrayal.

Next on Bold and the Beautiful, lusty Bill Spencer built a secret sex room at Spencer Publications where he could creep around with Katie Logan’s sister. That led Katie into her battle with the bottle. Finally, Brooke and Bill admitted they were cheating and kept on with it.

#5 He Tried to Snatch Her Son on Bold and the Beautiful

After Brooke and cheating Bill Spencer triggered Katie to turn into an alcoholic, he salted the wound. Because he accused her of being an unfit mother, and, he threatened to take their son, Will Spencer, from Katie. Ironically, it was her sister that helped her.

While still involved with Bill, big sis Brooke convinced Bill Spencer to stop the custody case on Bold and the Beautiful. So, Katie got her son and then crushed on Eric Forrester (John McCook) for a moment before falling for someone new.

#6 He Took Devoted Wyatt Spencer Away from her on B&B

Finally, Katie Logan found a man she could trust, and it was one of Bill Spencer’s sons. She began working closely with Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks). Eventually, they started seeing each other on the sly. It turned into a full-blown love that changed Katie’s life.

Of course, on Bold and the Beautiful, creep Bill Spencer couldn’t let her be happy. So, he threatened Wyatt’s inheritance and told Katie Logan he’d take custody of their son. Then, Bill’s affair with Steffy got him shot, and he claimed he was a changed man. Naturally, Katie fell for it and it restarted the cycle.

#7 Bill’s Latest Brooke Scandal – the Kiss Caught on Video

On Bold and the Beautiful, Katie Logan believed Bill Spencer changed for the better. So, she let him back in their son’s life. That cost Katie her new marriage to Thorne Forrester (Ingo Rademacher). Later, she had kidney failure and almost died. Then, Bill vowed he’d always love her.

Despite her latest near-death medical crisis, Bill Spencer didn’t hesitate to put his lips on her sister once again, in secret. But, someone caught the moment on video, and it blew up lives on Bold and the Beautiful, right before new episodes ended. Now, he crushed her again, then made promises.

So, when new episodes of Bold and the Beautiful resume, will Katie Logan accept Bill Spencer’s apology and let him back in her life? Probably. But many Katie fans would love to see her with Wyatt, and kicking his dad to the curb. Watch and see what happens next for “Batie” on B&B.

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