5 Hot ‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Top Plot Predictions: Katie & Wyatt Post-Quarantine & More

Bold and the Beautiful‘s on hiatus now, but it’ll be back, and when it does, how does it sound to reunite Katie Logan (Heather Tom) with Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks)? We’ve got five hot plot predictions we’d love to see when the CBS sudser returns later this Summer or Fall (hopefully). Check out what many would like to see with their favorite characters, including Katie Logan and her ex Wyatt Spencer.

#1 Shauna Fulton & Ridge Forrester Get Hitched on Bold and the Beautiful

Spoilers already hint a lot more ahead for Shauna Fulton (Denise Richards) and Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye). Previously, he’s got divorce papers signed and had a hot time with her in Vegas. Plus, an inside source told us there’s a big love scene written for “Shidge” and lots more story ahead.

Also, in a recent interview, Bold and the Beautiful actor Kaye said he enjoyed seeing Ridge with Shauna. So, with both actors on board, maybe Mr. Forrester puts a ring on it after they resume shooting. Or, perhaps B&B will reveal they already got hitched in Las Vegas. Wait to see.

#2 A Time Leap Ahead a Few Months on B&B

One suggestion from Bold and the Beautiful fans and those for other soaps – is that the shows shut down now set up a time leap forward. That would re-align real-world time to soap time. And, it would let the shows snip off plotlines that aren’t working.

Days of our Lives did a one-year fast forward that’s been pretty exciting. So, if Bold and the Beautiful tried that, it might be great. Then you could swap couples around, wrap up loose ends, and fill in the blanks with a series of flashbacks, as DOOL did over at NBC (and did pretty well).

Bold and the Beautiful: Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) - Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson)

#3 Thomas Forrester Back & United with Sally Spectra on Bold and the Beautiful

Spoilers remind that Thomas Forrester’s (Matthew Atkinson) still on contract unless something changes during the lockdown. And Sally Spectra’s (Courtney Hope) life is set to blow up in her face. Thomas gaslighted Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) while Sally faked a terminal illness.

Remember on Bold and the Beautiful past, these two had a great relationship. So, maybe Thomas needs to get back with Sally and forget their obsessions with these other people that don’t love them. And if they decided to start a fashion house and plot revenge together, all the better.

#4 Brooke Logan Brawling With Quinn Fuller Over Eric Forrester

Also on Bold and the Beautiful, if Ridge gets with Shauna, that leaves Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) at loose ends. And she already blames Quinn Fuller (Rena Sofer) for all her problems. So, will Brooke set her sights on stealing Eric Forrester (John McCook)?

A good old-fashioned brawl is overdue on Bold and the Beautiful. The sudser could recapture the energy from the old days when Stephanie Forrester warred with Brooke. But, using Quinn as the Forrester matriarch in the war. That could be a bitter battle worth watching.

Bold and the Beautiful: Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks) - Katie Logan (Heather Tom)

#5 Katie Logan Steals Wyatt Spencer From Flo and Sally

Right now on Bold and the Beautiful, Katie Logan’s debating whether to forgive Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) for cheating yet again. But many viewers want Katie to run far far away from Dollar Bill. As for Wyatt Spencer, he’s caught between two frauds. So, what if Wyatt dumped them both?

If not for his dad, Wyatt Spencer would’ve married Katie Logan long ago on Bold and the Beautiful. So, wouldn’t it be great to see Katie get with Wyatt, and both of them cut the liars out of their lives? There are still many fans that miss the Wyatt Spencer-Katie Logan pairing.

So, why not reunite them? Wyatt with Katie is one great pairing they could launch if the CBS drama decided to fast forward several months. It might be fun to come back in Summer/Fall with Katie Logan married to Wyatt Spencer and other swaps, and then they unfold how it happened.

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