Black Ink Crew: Chicago Spoilers: Charmaine Protects Phor – Don Seizes Opportunity

Black Ink Crew: Chicago spoilers show that Charmaine Walker protects Phor Brumfield when he becomes a hot topic. Meanwhile, Don Brumfield takes an opportunity to provide for his family. Ryan Henry lays down the law at the new 9MAG tattoo shop and Van Johnson finally receives the forgiveness he’s been looking for.

Issues from last season’s takeover of Loyal Ink are still causing problems for many and conflicts are coming to a head. Here’s what to expect on tonight’s episode of VH1’s Black Ink Crew: Chicago.

Black Ink Crew: Chicago spoilers – Ryan Henry Takes Over Loyal Ink

Black Ink Crew: Chicago spoilers remind that Van Johnson began Loyal Ink tattoo parlor from scratch but at the end of last season, a problem with the lease came up. Ryan Henry took this to his advantage and took over the shop as his own turning it into the new 9MAG tattoo shop.

In addition, Ryan took Phor Brumfield with him. But this caused problems between Phor and Don Brumfield. His brother Don was set to become manager of Loyal Ink. But then Ryan took it over leaving Don without a job. On last week’s episode of Black Ink Crew: Chicago, Phor and Don patched things up.

This week, BlackInkCHI spoilers say that Ryan Henry lays down the law. So, it looks like Ryan is going to run a tight ship and that’s not likely to sit well with everyone. Certainly, fans can expect some major drama.

Charmaine Walker Comes To Phor’s Rescue

On Black Ink Crew: Chicago Charmaine Walker is no longer working in the tattoo shop but she has become quite the TV personality. She works weekends at WGCI as a radio personality and also hosted on the red carpet at the BET Hip Hop Awards. She’s also on the morning show, The Jam, with her own segment, All Things Charmaine.

Charmaine Walker is using her newfound celebrity profile to help Phor Brumfield who seems to have become a hot topic. Phor has taken a lot of heat for joining forces with Ryan Henry behind his brother Don Brumfield’s back. No doubt, Charmaine is trying to help smooth things over for her friend.

Don Brumfield Gets A Tempting Opportunity

On last week’s Black Ink Crew: Chicago Don Brumfield and Ryan Henry cleared the air about the Loyal Ink takeover. Don let Ryan know that he had really hurt his feelings by not giving him a heads up that he was taking over the tattoo shop.

Ryan assured Don that it was never his intention to double-cross him. He apologized and offered him a place at 9MAG. Ryan says he wants Don to be a part of everything he’s building. This week, it looks like Don will take Ryan up on his offer so that he can make more money for his family and buy them a home of their own.

Van Johnson And Ryan Henry Continue To Feud

Ryan Henry and Van Johnson are still at each other’s throats on Black Ink Crew: Chicago. Van is fuming at the fact that Ryan has made amends with everyone but him and is determined to confront him on it. He feels that he was the one who was wronged the most and Ryan won’t own up to it.

Ryan Henry says he’s trying to move forward and he doesn’t have anything to say to Van on the matter. Things got so heated last week that they almost brawled in the middle of the street.

Ryan says that Van’s reaction is the exact reason why he’s cut certain people out of his life. Van is furious that Ryan is acting like he’s done nothing wrong.

Certainly, things between Van Johnson and Ryan are far from over. They’re going to have to clear this up eventually and it is sure to be explosive when they do. Tune in to VH1 Wednesday’s at 9 PM to keep up with all the craziness and drama.

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