Black Ink Crew: Chicago Recap: Shine Turns Up At 9MAG – Bella Brawls With Apprentice

Black Ink Crew: Chicago recap shows that Ryan Henry’s new guest artist, Shine, arrives at the shop and receives a warm welcome. Bella‘s not ready to roll out the red carpet for another newcomer, though. Both Lily Barrios and Don Brumfield admire Shine from the start. The same can’t be said for Van Johnson’s new apprentice, Evenita. Bella immediately has reservations about her joining the shop and tensions escalate into a full-blown fight at Shine’s welcoming party. Here’s what went down on last night’s episode of VH1’S Black Ink Crew: Chicago.

Black Ink Crew: Chicago – New Guest Artist At 9MAG

On Black Ink Crew: Chicago Ryan Henry welcomes a new 9Mag artist, Shine, to the tattoo shop. At first, the group is a bit hesitant but Shine’s work is exceptional and he seems to win them over quickly. Although later on, Shine steps on Van Johnson’s toes when he tries to steal his client.

Shine especially takes a liking to Lily but he hits it off with Don Brumfield as well. Don suggests that they throw Shine a homecoming party/ Halloween party to celebrate his arrivalAlso, 9MAG parties have proven to generate massive business so it’s good for the shop.

Brittany Slam Clashes With Don Brumfield

On Black Ink Crew: Chicago Brittany Slam is having a hard time dealing with the fact that Don Brumfield took her spot as manager. Brittany is also angry over the fact that Ryan gave her a hard time for having a party at the shop. However, when Don suggests a party Ryan is all for it. Brittany thinks it is sexist and she was infuriated by it.

Later, while decorating for the party, Brittany starts drinking and won’t listen to Don so he repeatedly asks her to leave but she refuses. So, he tricks her into going outside and locks the door causing her to beat on the door with her shoe. The next day, after she had cooled off, Brittany was a little embarrassed about the incident.

Bella’s Claws Come Out At The Party

During the Halloween party, the conflict between Bella and Evenita comes to a head. Bella Lashes out at Evenita letting her know that she’s not in the real 9MAG. Things get out of control, fists start flying and they have to be pulled apart on Black Ink Crew: Chicago.

However, something positive does come from the party. Ryan Henry and Charmaine Walker agree to leave the past in the past and become friends again. Ryan invites Charmaine to the party and also accepts her offer to help bring 9MAG to the next level. However, Charmaine’s boyfriend Neek is less than thrilled and gives her an ultimatum.

As always, things are steadily getting more complex and intense at the 9MAG tattoo parlor. Just when you think things are going smoothly, someone slips up and things get wild and crazy. Tune in to VH1 Wednesday’s at 9 PM to keep up with the neverending drama at the 9MAG shop.

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