Black Ink Crew: Chicago Spoilers: Ryan Brings In A Guest Artist – Van’s New Apprentice Causes Problems

Black Ink Crew: Chicago spoilers reveal that 9MAG owner Ryan Henry brings in a new guest artist named Shine that will shake things up in the shop. Also, Van Johnson hires a new apprentice who gets off to rocky a start. Meanwhile, Don Brumfield has taken over as manager and tensions are building between him and former manager, Brittany Slam. Here’s a glimpse of the drama to come this week on VH1’s show Black Ink Crew: Chicago.

Black Ink Crew spoilers: Ryan Henry Brings In Guest Artist

According to Black Ink Crew spoilers, shop owner Ryan Henry invites guest artist Shine from California to come work at the shop. It’s never easy to be the new guy and Shine was probably expecting the worst walking into 9MAG. However, once the other artists see his portfolio they realize he’s the real deal.

Lily Barrios can see how talented Shine is and they seem to hit it off right away. Don Brumfield is even more impressed with Shine’s work as well as his style. They’re getting along really well and decide to throw a party to celebrate Shine joining the team. Although, it seems like there’s going to be some serious drama between the girls during the party.

Van Johnson’s New Apprentice Causes Trouble

On Black Ink Crew: Chicago Van Johnson hires a new female apprentice, Evanita, that rubs everyone in the shop the wrong way, especially Bella. Bella wasn’t thrilled about Evanita’s arrival from the minute Van introduced her to the group. She seems to think that Evanita is more of a new hook up for Van rather than an apprentice.

Then later at the party, Bella tells Evanita that she’s not part of the real 9MAG. The two women get into a full-on brawl where they have to be pulled off of each other. Whether Van Johnson’s reason for bringing Evanita into the shop was personal or professional, it’s causing more harm than good.

Black Ink Crew: Chicago Spoilers – Friction Between Don Brumfield And Brittany Slam

Last week on BlackInkCHI we saw Ryan Henry appoint Don Brumfield shop manager alongside Brittany Slam. Brittany didn’t take well to this at all and Ryan wound up demoting her, leaving Don Brumfield as the sole manager of 9MAG. This week, it appears Brittany is having a hard time accepting her new role as well as Don’s new position at the shop.

This is what Don Brumfield has wanted for himself since he started at Loyal Ink before the takeover. To have more responsibility and make more money so he can provide a better life for his family. Certainly, he is not going to let Brittany get in the way of that.

Charmaine Walker Confronts Ryan Henry

Black Ink Crew: Chicago spoilers remind that Charmaine Walker was furious that Ryan Henry had made his amends with everyone in the group except her. Ryan showed up at Don Brumfield’s birthday party last week and apologized to him while also offering him his job back at 9MAG. 

Ryan Henry even accepted Van Johnson’s apology and welcomed him back into the shop when they had the biggest fall out of all. It seems to be water under the bridge for Ryan and the whole crew, except Charmaine.

This week, Charmaine Walker calls Ryan Henry out wanting to know why he’s forgiven everyone else but hasn’t reached out to her. Can they find a way to get their friendship back?

Things are starting to get heated in Chicago and this is only the beginning. Watch VH1 Wednesday nights at 9 PM to find out what’s to come for all your faves at the 9MAG tattoo shop.

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