‘Big Brother’: Triple Eviction Targets – Kevin, Dani, Christmas or Nichole – Who Survives the Week?

Big Brother 22 is going to have a special triple eviction on Thursday night’s two-hour live episode. It’ll be the first time the US version of the show has ever had a triple eviction and there are several houseguests that are in more danger than others at the moment.

Kevin Campbell already appears to be heading to the jury house as he’s this week’s target. Yet, some of the females are also on the players’ radars. Daniele Donato Briones and Christmas Abbott have both done things to upset their alliance members. Will they be the other two casualties in the triple eviction?

Big Brother 22: Kevin Campbell’s Fate Appears Sealed

Head of Household Cody Calafiore’s got all the power in this week of Big Brother 22. He used it to nominate both Kevin Campbell and David Alexander for eviction. Both men have plenty of experience with the block this season. Cody’s target is Kevin and according to him, David is just a pawn. He wants to keep David for a bit longer as a number, thinking it’ll be easier to take him out a little bit later in the game.

Not only did Cody win HoH, but he also won the Power of Veto. The competition turned out to be OTEV, a Big Brother fan-favorite PoV. Only this time, the players could try and win prizes instead of the golden safety necklace. Cody went for the PoV and ended up winning it, giving him the ability to change the nominations or keep them the same. He decided to keep them the same and things don’t look good for Kevin. Only Nicole Franzel and Daniele Donato seem to want to keep him over David and that’s not enough to pull it off.

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BB22 Houseguests Want Christmas Abbott Gone

Since Thursday is a triple eviction, two more houseguests will be gone from the Big Brother house. It’s starting to look like one of those might be Christmas Abbott if she can’t manage to secure enough power to stay. She’s unknowingly been a backdoor option at least two times so far this season and it looks like this could finally be the moment her alliance, The Committee finally decides to cut her loose.

Many of them have been annoyed with her since her HoH reign early on in Big Brother 22. Power went to her head and made her a little harder to deal with. Even her final two partner Tyler Crispen seems a little afraid of her. Remember when he warned Zingbot not to make her upset with his zings? They were stuck with the aftermath.

Daniele Donato Briones Tanks Big Brother Game?

Aside from Christmas Abbott, Daniele Donato is another likely victim of the triple eviction along with her alliance partner Nicole Franzel . She’s been planting seeds in everyone’s heads since the very beginning of the game. Little does she know that almost all of them are onto her little game. Similarly to Christmas, there’s been talk of backdooring Dani. In fact, Tyler pushed for Christmas to do it when she was HoH, but couldn’t convince his ally.

Now, Dani’s campaigning to keep Kevin Campbell and evict David Alexander, and the rest of the alliance is not happy about her going against them. When the night is over, Dani might be on her way to the jury house with the other two evictees.

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