‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: Who’s Going Home Tonight – Kaysar Ridha or Christmas Abbott?

Big Brother spoilers report an ending to either Kaysar Ridha or Christmas Abbott‘s game. Head of Household (HoH) Enzo Palumbo has his sights set on Kaysar and the rest of the house seems to be following along. It looks like he’s just a sitting duck until tonight’s live eviction. But could a last-minute flip shake up the game?

Big Brother Spoilers: Enzo Palumbo Targets Kaysar Ridha and Not Christmas Abbott

With Janelle Pierzina leaving last week, the house is turning on her only ally in the Big Brother 22 house, Kaysar Ridha. It didn’t really matter who in the majority alliance won HoH this week. Kaysar was always a target on their radar. So, it was no surprise when Enzo Palumbo beat out Kaysar for the HoH title and immediately nominated him for eviction alongside Kevin Campbell. Kaysar Ridha would only have one chance to save his game in the Power of Veto (PoV) competition.

Big Brother spoilers can report that luckily for Enzo and his allies, Kevin (and not Kaysar) won the PoV. Briefly, there was an idea to backdoor Daniele Donato Briones, but they chickened out of what could have been a huge Big Brother move. Kevin took himself off the block and Christmas Abbott volunteered to go up in his place. As of now, the plan is still to get Kaysar Ridha out this week instead of Christmas.

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A Wall Yeller Creates Doubt in BB22 House

Big Brother spoilers reveal that a few days ago there was a disruption by an outsider. Some of the Big Brother houseguests were relaxing in the backyard. Everything was fine until a voice shouted from outside. One overzealous fan with a megaphone snuck onto the perimeter of the CBS lot where the show is filmed. They had a message they wanted the players to hear, so they shouted it over the wall. These type of fans are known as “Wall Yellers”

From what Soap Dirt has learned, they said, “Nicole and Cody are playing everyone”. Immediately, the Big Brother houseguests went on lockdown, but the seeds of doubt were already planted. Now, Nicole Franzel and Cody Calafiore could be in hot water if the rest of the houseguests take the wall yeller’s words to heart.

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Big Brother 22: Is Kaysar Following Janelle Out the Door?

Barring any kind of crazy twists or the entire house flipping on its head, Kaysar Ridha’s fate doesn’t look good. Yet, despite knowing he’s most likely going home tonight over Christmas Abbott, Kaysar isn’t leaving without a fight. He claims he’s going to blow up everybody’s game on his way out the door.
Kaysar told Bayleigh Dayton that he wants to “set fire” to the whole thing on eviction day. So, what’s he going to do and will it change the course of the season?
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