‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: Level 6 Plots to Overthrow Bayleigh Dayton’s HOH

Big Brother spoilers show Level 6 plotting to overthrow Bayleigh Dayton’s HOH. The BB20 live feeds give fans a front-row seat into the plans of espionage taking place inside the Big Brother House. BB20 spoilers reveal a plan brewing in the wings despite the nominations sitting on the block.  Bayleigh nominated Brett Robinson and Rachel Swindler.

Big Brother Tide Is Turning

The current HOH, Bayleigh Dayton, has a clear plan, but the tide may turn within the BB house. Her end goal of getting Brett Robinson out the door is met with resistance and a plan for Level 6 to steal a win is in the making.  Brett has been in the middle of several controversies including his blow-out with Angie “Rockstar” Lantry and his apparent hook-up with evicted Kaitlyn Herman.

Bayleigh Dayton didn’t offer any surprises by nominating Brett Robinson for the block. Her nomination of Rachel Swindler may have surprised some, but it was a smart move if she wants Brett out of the BB20 house.  Rachel is close with houseguests from both sides of the house and “volunteered” to be a pawn.  Rachel is assured votes from non Level 6 members like Angie “Rockstar” Lantry and Haleigh Broucher who have sworn to uphold “girl power”.

Big Brother HOH Overthrow In the Making

If Level 6 (L6) can pull it off, their plan is to take Bayleigh by surprise. Meanwhile, Rachel is licking her self-inflicted wounds from not putting up more of a fight.

She “barely lasted an hour before breaking out in the paranoia sweats,” which is how the Big Brother Network describes her lack of stamina. With that said, L6 is reportedly all over this.

Level 6 to the Rescue?

Both Brett and Rachel are part of the Level 6 alliance.  The L6 ladies have been chatting up Bayleigh Dayton about an alternate possibility. They suggest renominating Scottie Salton if one of the two nominees comes off the block.

Bayleigh sees Scottie as a “comp beast” and is open to the idea of a backdoor. However, she tells houseguests conflicting stories.  She tells some that if Scottie is on the block she wants Brett voted out. Then she tells others that Scottie would be her target.  She knows that Scottie flipped his vote and voted for her boyfriend, Swaggy C, but claims that now she’s playing for herself and not Swaggy.  However, it has to be in the back of her mind.

A Scottie renomination does seem like a scenario very probable to materialize if either Brett or Rachel come off the block. Bayleigh has said this several times in the past she would like to send Scottie home.  Sending Scottie home, with a backdoor, would be a power move and help build Bayleigh’s resume.

The Veto Competition on BB20

Level 6 members discussed throwing the comp to either Rachel or Brett if it looks like Scottie may win the veto competition. Rachel warns they should play hard for themselves. It would also be a foolish move since a win by any Level 6 member would keep at least two additional members safe for the week.

Sam has said if she wins she would respect the HoH’s choices and keep noms the same.

Rachel is worried about going home if Brett wins the veto. She thinks it will be her instead of Scottie as the likely candidate to be shown the door. With Level 6 having only 4 of the 9 votes, L6 group would need to entice Sam Bledsoe or JC Mounduix.  This shouldn’t be too much of a problem as the two outsiders almost always vote with the Level 6 alliance.

Bayleigh Dayton has struggled in the past

When the game started, Bayleigh aligned herself with Chris “Swaggy C” Williams.  She spent much of the time not building relationships.  After the BB20 house voted out Swaggy, she spent time complaining that no one would share their game-play strategies with her. BB20 fans also don’t rank Bayleigh’s odds very high of getting into the final 3 according to Soap Dirt’s latest Big Brother Poll.

Now that she’s trying to build relationships she confided in Rachel that she has a “special power”. She spilled the beans about all her powers. She asked Rachel not to tell anyone. So of course, Rachel immediately told her Level 6 alliance members.  Bayleigh Dayton won the “Identity Theft” power app, and has the power to control a replacement nominee.  The power app won’t come into play this week because Bayleigh is the HoH.  However, her confession gave Level 6 some much-needed information and it may come back to haunt Bayleigh.

Dizzy yet? If not today, you will be when the tables turn and at least one of the houseguests have no idea what hit them. Maybe even more than one as the dwellers of the Big Brother house continue on with espionage. In the end, as always, each is looking out for number one – themselves!

Big Brother Spoiler UPDATE! Tyler Crispen won the Veto competition.  He told Kaycee Clark he would use it to save Brett. But he also told Bayleigh he would keep noms the same. Tyler is at a crucial point because he’s been playing both sides. No matter what he decides he will make some enemies. However, it seems logical that if he wanted to keep his hands clean he would have thrown the competition. This could be an indication he wants to save his Level 6 alliance member Brett.

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