‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: Cliff Hogg Talks To Live Feeds and Exposes His Game to Houseguests

Big Brother spoilers tease Cliff Hogg III just might have single-handedly exposed his and Nicole Anthony‘s game. He was having his typical morning conversation with the live feeders. But he was unaware that he had a special guest. Christie Murphy was listening at the door and heard all of his game talk. And it didn’t take her long to spill the beans to the Six Shooters alliance.

Big Brother Spoilers: Christie Murphy Overhears Cliff Hogg’s Morning Game Talk

It’s become a Big Brother 21 tradition for Cliff Hogg to have a morning chat with the live feeders before everyone gets up. He dubbed it, “Cliff Notes.” Yet, this morning was different because he unknowingly had an audience member that was inside of the house! While he was sharing his game with the feeders in the lounge Christie Murphy was listening to every word right outside of the door.

He exposed his entire game and some of Nicole Anthony’s to her without even knowing it. The number one rule of talking game to the live feeders is to make sure there’s no one sneaking around! Cliff Hogg talked about his plans for an alliance between himself, Ovi Kabir and Nicole Anthony and how they had an in with the higher up. He even referred to himself as a floater.

Christie Runs To Her Alliance Members

After hearing the juicy Cliff Notes of the day, Christie spilled the beans to Analyse, Jackson and Holly who were in the RV room. She told them all about his plans to target the couples of the Big Brother house. Which include her and Tommy, Kat and Jackson and Bella and Nick.

She also mentioned that he said he would be a “free agent” after Nicole gets evicted. Something that he thinks will happen after Kemi and Jessica get the boot. Christie was adamant about Cliff being the next to go after this week is through.

Big Brother Spoilers: Is Kemi Safe? – Attention Shifts To Cliff And Nicole

The original plan was to get rid of Kemi Faknule this week according to HoH Jack’s wishes. But Jessica made herself a target by bashing too many people behind their backs and slowly spiraling into complete paranoia. Then, this whole thing with Cliff Hogg may have just sealed the deal. It appears that Jessica will be the one to go and Cliff will follow her next week if everything goes according to plan. Nicole may be safe for now, but her name being said by Cliff has brought her into the mix. Which makes her a future target for Gr8ful and the Six Shooters.

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