‘Big Brother’: Special Prank Week Twist Gives One BB21 Houseguest Secret Power

Big Brother‘s latest twist is an entire prank-filled week, including a special power for one houseguest. Julie Chen announced the beginning of prank week last night, which threw the BB21 cast for quite a loop. Considering they were up the entire night before studying for a made-up HoH competition. Also, one lucky player will be awarded the position of America’s Prankster. This person will get to the power to change the course of the game. But, who will it be?

Big Brother 21: Prank Week Begins With Fake HoH Comp

The night before Thursday’s eviction, the Big Brother houseguests were kept awake with bird sounds. So, they stayed up through the early hours of the morning studying for what they thought was the next Head of Household competition. Little did they know that the whole thing was just a farce for the franchise’s latest twist.

During the live show, host Julie Chen announced that their studying was in vain. Because the bird calls were the start of Big Brother‘s first official prank week! Things will be made difficult for the HoH as pranks get in the way of their plans. But it’s also up to America to decide who becomes their inside man. Holly Allen ended up winning the actual HoH competition prank shot with a perfect score, which means her week might be a little shaky.

Who Will Be The BB21 America’s Prankster?

Not only will the week be filled with hiccups for the Head of Household Holly Allen, but one Big Brother player will become the puppet master. This person will be selected according to whoever gets the most votes by viewers. That’s right! We get to pick who will be America’s Prankster.

According to Julie Chen herself, America’s Prankster will have a special power during prank week. They will be able to choose one of the two nominees for the week. Meaning Holly only gets one pick and could potentially see their ally on the block! If the prankster’s nominee gets taken down, they also get to choose the replacement.

Big Brother: Nicole Anthony and Cliff Hogg Leading Polls

From the conversations on social media platforms, it looks like America’s Prankster will either be Nicole Anthony or Cliff Hogg. Both houseguests have consistently been leading polls as the top players. But will viewers grant one of them the power to change the game? It sure seems that way because fans appear to be rooting for the outsiders. Some fans want to give it to Nick Maccarone so he can go after Christie.

Either way, the winner will probably take a shot at the remaining duos Christie Murphy and Tommy Bracco, and Jackson Michie and Holly Allen. This might leave Jessica Milagros under the radar for the week. Big Brother is on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday nights.

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