‘Big Brother’ Planning Battle Back for Evicted Houseguests? – Will It Be like ‘Survivor: Edge of Extinction’?

Big Brother is switching things up after David Alexander was banished from the house last night. Instead of sending him home and ruining any chance he had at $500,000 they are planning something that might be similar to a Battle Back. But could also be an idea that’s crossing over from CBS’ other hit reality show Survivor. More specifically the Edge of Extinction twist.

Big Brother: David Alexander’s Untimely Eviction

David Alexander got the short end of the stick during last night’s episode of Big Brother. He was one of four houseguest fighting to get back into the house after elected Camp Director Jackson Michie was forced to choose.

Soap Dirt spoilers reported, before the show aired, that David Alexander would be the first houseguest evicted. It was noticed that CBS and Big Brother had photoshopped David’s image into at least 3 of the group backyard pictures.  As we predicted, David was the last one left in the challenge and host Julie Chen broke the news.

The photographer from Atlanta would be leaving the house after only hours of being there. But he could have a chance at returning according to some interesting words from Julie. She told him he was out of the game, “for now.”

Could There Be An Early Battle Back Competition?

While it would be pretty early for some kind of Battle Back challenge, Big Brother has done it before. Cody Nickson returned after an early eviction. Julie Chen even said that David Alexander may be out of the game, “but you haven’t seen the last of him.”

She announced that something brand new would be coming to the game, so maybe it won’t be a Battle Back. Julie’s exact words were, “Something that has never happened in Big Brother before will happen on Wednesday!” What could this mean for David’s game?

Big Brother: Planning Something Similar to ‘Edge of Extinction’

The last season of Survivor included a never-seen-before twist called Extinction Island. Which was a deserted island where booted castaways could choose to go and have a chance to get back in the game. Could Big Brother be taking a page from the other CBS show with this latest twist?

Maybe. They have borrowed twists from Survivor before.  Watch this Wednesday to see whether or not David Alexander returns to the game.

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