‘Big Brother’: Nicole Anthony Doomed – Biting the Hand Trying to Save Her

Big Brother spoilers tease some not-so-good news for All-Star Nicole Anthony. Currently, she’s sitting on the block next to David Alexander and the odds are stacked against her. Now that the PoV ceremony has taken place, it looks like Nicole A’s fate is sealed. But there’s one houseguest that’s been on her side and is working to keep her. Yet, Nicole Anthony doesn’t seem all that grateful for the help and is actually targeting this other person if she stays. So, who is it and why doesn’t Nicole A seem to trust her?

Big Brother Spoilers: Power of Veto Ceremony Results Doom Nicole Anthony or David Alexander

HoH Memphis Garrett picked Nicole Anthony and David Alexander as his nominations for eviction for this week. Big Brother spoilers reveal that neither of them could win the Big Brother Power of Veto competition in order to save themselves from the block. It was Memphis who won the PoV and now holds all of the power this week. He could’ve made a big move and tried to backdoor a bigger threat but his target is seemingly Nicole A.

At the Veto Ceremony, Memphis kept his nominations the same according to Big Brother spoilers. On Thursday, it’ll come down to a decision between David and Nicole Anthony. And things aren’t looking good for the Staten Islander. Memphis is still targeting her and most of the Big Brother 22 house seems to be on board with the plan.

Big Brother 22: Janelle Pierzina - Nicole Anthony

Janelle Pierzina Tries Saving Her

Surprisingly, Janelle Pierzina is one of the only people in Nicole Anthony’s corner. They developed somewhat of a friendship their first week in the house and Janelle even did Nicole A’s make up for her. So, Janelle’s been campaigning to the other houseguests to keep her. In fact, she’s gotten pretty emotional over the thought of Nicole A possibly going home, which is rare for the Big Brother legend.

It’s the same thing she did for Keesha Smith last week when the woman was nominated alongside Kevin Campbell. It didn’t work for Keesha, but will it work for Nicole A? It’s not looking good because everyone seems to be following the HoH’s wishes, which are to keep David and get rid of Nicole. And the latter isn’t helping her case.

Big Brother Spoilers: Nicole A Doesn’t Trust Janelle

It’s great that Nicole Anthony has someone like Janelle trying to save her, but Nicole herself doesn’t seem to think so. Apparently, she’s not all that trusting of Janelle Pierzina. In fact, she’s totally against Janelle and Kaysar Ridha for unknown reasons. It may have been Kevin whispering doubts into her ear. She’s even been badmouthing Janelle to the other houseguests.

Nicole A is also saying that she wants to blow up Kaysar and Janelle’s game if she gets the chance to. She says she’ll either do it at the eviction speeches or make her “All-Star move” by nominating the two of them if she becomes HoH. If she’s still in the house, that is.

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