‘Big Brother 22’: Keesha Smith Gives Middle Finger to the Men in the BB22 House

Big Brother 22‘s first live eviction last night saw BB22 All-Star Keesha Smith leave the game. And it didn’t take her long to give the middle finger (in a digital emoji) to the guys in the BB22 house.

Keesha Smith’s fellow Big Brother houseguests voted her out against fellow nominee Kevin Campbell. Then, she sat down with Julie Chen for a couple of minutes for a brief interview. Yet, it didn’t seem like Keesha got all of what she wanted to say out when talking to Julie.

But Keesha Smith is saying it now and it isn’t all pleasant. So, what does she think about her time on Big Brother 22?

Big Brother 22: Houseguests Evict Keesha Smith Unanimously

Cody Calafiore (the previous Head of Household) nominated Keesha Smith along with Kevin Campbell for eviction last week. Although they were not his first choices to throw on the Big Brother block. Originally, Cody wanted Kaysar Ridha and Janelle Pierzina as his nominees. But Kaysar won the game’s Safety Suite twist and used his plus one on Janelle, keeping her safe. Cody was forced to use his back up choices, Kevin and Keesha.

End the end, it was Keesha Smith that Cody Calafiore had his sights set on. Most of the Big Brother 22 house seemed on board with his plan, except for Janelle. When Enzo won the Power of Veto, he kept the nominations the same and sealed the fate of either Keesha or Kevin. Yet, it was Keesha who the house voted out unanimously.

BB22: Post Game Interview With Julie Chen

Keesha Smith didn’t seem super upset when she sat down with Big Brother host Julie Chen for a post-game interview. Aside from calling out Cody Calafiore and Enzo Palumbo for avoiding her when they promised they’d be straight with her, Keesha appeared to have come to terms with her eviction.

She did shed a few tears when receiving her goodbye messages from the house though. Overall, it looked like she went out with her head held high. So, it came as a surprise when Keesha Smith sent out a message online that called out several of the Big Brother 22 men.

Big Brother 22: Keesha Smith Give the Men the Middle Finger in Post

Almost as soon as the Big Brother evictee got her phone back, Keesha Smith made a post about her feelings. It seemed like a standard post at first, saying her dogs would always vote for her. Also, she thanked Janelle Pierzina and Da’Vonne Rogers for giving her a “heads up” about her being the target.

She called Enzo Palumbo and Memphis Garrett “sheep”. Not only that, but she gave them the virtual middle finger along with Cody who “could never tell me the truth to my face”.

Big Brother 22: Keesha Smith

Yet, it didn’t end there. Big Brother All-Star Keesha had something to say to a couple of the men in the house.

Keesha Smith dug a little deeper by saying she thought she was “playing with men” but that none of their “balls have even dropped yet”. Some fans were disappointed that she would make crude comments about someones genitalia regardless of their gender.

She even said that their partners “deserve better”, slamming not only the male Big Brother players, but also their family and loved ones.

So, it looks like Keesha is a lot more upset than she let on during her eviction. Do you think she’s in the right or does she need to let it go?

Did Keesha Deserve Her Eviction?

It’s odd that Keesha called the men sheep, when she made no attempts to get to know some of them. Janelle had to tell her Tyler’s name on day six. This shows that not only did Keesha not do her homework but that she also made no attempts to get to know Tyler Crispen. Or as called him – Taylor.

Since Cody (and much of the house) was undecided on who to evict, Keesha could have probably stayed in the house by bonding and making alliances. It is Big Brother after all. Instead she wanted to blame people for not telling her the truth. But, who tells non-alliance members their strategies in Big Brother?

Keesha also knew that she was on the bottom and made no attempt to try and win the Safety Suite, which could have saved her.

Big Brother: Janelle Pierzina - Keesha Smith - Nicole Anthony - BB22

In the end, the Big Brother women controlled the voting in the house because there were 7 women voting against 6 men. So, it was the women of the house (including her friends) that voted her out.

As Keesha Smith walked out the door on eviction night, no one had betrayed or back-stabbed her. She was not in a formal alliance with anyone and was simply counting on the Big Brother old-school players to keep her safe. It seems like the house has many alliances going on – Keesha just wasn’t in any of them.

BB22 airs Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays at 8 pm on CBS.

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