‘Big Brother’: Nick, Analyse and Jack – Love Triangle Drama in BB21 Jury House?

Big Brother 21’s Nick Maccarone was sent packing on the last eviction night. Now, he’s in the jury house, where Analyse Talavera, Jack Matthews, and Kathryn Dunn all seem to be getting along for the most part. But Nick’s presence could throw a giant wrench in that peace because of his closeness to Analyse after Jack was evicted. Will he cause problems for Jack while in jury?

Big Brother: Nick Maccarone & Analyse Talavera Form Close (almost romantic) Friendship

After both their Big Brother  showmance partners Isabella Wang and Jack Matthews were evicted, Nick Maccarone and Analyse Talavera grew close. While they were pretty solid before, the lack of, um, physical attention left both craving intimacy of some kind. So, naturally, they found it in each other. Live feed watchers watched Sis (Analyse) and Nick close cuddling in bed every night.

Nick and Analyse’s extreme closeness upset Nick’s BB girlfriend, Isabella Wang. So much so that Bella became super upset about it on social media and their relationship status remains up in the air.

Nick Maccarone seems to think Bella is still with him. Yet, Sis and Nick were all over one another and cuddled in bed every single day as seen on Big Brother live feeds.

Jack Matthews, Analyse Talavera & Kathryn Dunn Enjoy Jury

According to interviews they did after arriving in the Big Brother 21 jury house, Jack Matthews, Kathryn Dunn and Analyse Talavera appear to be having a great time. All of them have stated how “relaxing” it is to be out of the stressful atmosphere of the social experiment and just enjoy themselves.

It looks like everyone’s happy and with no drama so far. Especially Jack and Sis, who are probably ecstatic to be back together. But hopefully, have spared Kat from walking in on them doing anything more than PG. The two have a pretty rocky track record with getting interrupted in the Big Brother house.

Big Brother: Could Newest Juror Nick Maccarone Cause Trouble?

Because of Nick and Analyse’s closeness in the Big Brother house after Jack’s eviction, it might cause some drama in the jury eviction house. Obviously, Sis picked Jack while in the BB house, but Nick Maccarone was with Isabella Wang at the time. But, in the jury house, Nick is without his supposed girlfriend Bella, so his loneliness could cause trouble.

Big Brother fans have predicted that Nick Maccarone and Jack Matthews will go at it over Sis. Or, maybe Nick will gravitate towards Kat, who is the only other person in the jury mansion besides the showmance.

Nick’s supporters and fans think that his intimate flirting with Analyse was strictly game play. They believe he will remain loyal to Bella.

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