‘Big Brother’: Which BB22 Houseguests Have Already Named their Alliances?

Big Brother alliances are beginning to take more solid shapes, but there’s one thing that makes an alliance official. The members have to come up with a good name. Great alliances have great names and are something that the audience will definitely remember them by.

Although it’s hard to live up to some of the greats like Chilltown, The Brigade, or even The Renegades. Yet, the Big Brother 22 houseguests sure can try. Here are the current alliances that have been named so far this season.

Big Brother: Cody Calafiore & Enzo Palumbo Grow “Roots”

Although it might not get approved by Big Brother production, Cody Calafiore and Enzo Palumbo have tentatively named their alliance “The Roots”. It’s a little bit controversial because there’s a band of the same name along with a historical television series called Roots.

So, they might end up having to change it. But so far it includes Cody, Enzo, and possibly Daniele Donato Briones and Nicole Franzel if they expand it into their core four Big Brother group.

Nicole Franzel & Ian Terry’s Million Club

Nicole Franzel has taken a liking to Ian Terry on Big Brother 22. It might just be that he’s the only other winner in the house and therefore, they both have big targets on their backs. She likes him so much that she’s been trying to get her other F2 Cody to work with him. They’ve named their little duo the “Million Club” which we think is a fitting name for their final two.

BB22’s Black Girl Magic

It’s happening! Big Brother fans are ecstatic that Bayleigh Dayton and Da’Vonne Rogers are teaming up for BB22. They’ve decided to work with each other on the down-low and have referred to their alliance as “Black Girl Magic”.

Meanwhile, both ladies will try and work opposite sides of the Big Brother house. It looks like they’ve also got in good with Enzo Palumbo and Cody Calafiore because the four of them discussed working together. Enzo tried naming their alliance “The Tree” but got a hard “no” from Da’Vonne.

Meet The Adorkables

It’s a fitting name for the group of Big Brother outcasts. The Adorkables is made up of Nicole Anthony, Ian Terry, and Kevin Campbell. All three of them have their own eccentric tendencies which is why fans love them so much. They’ve decided to team up to take on the rest of BB22‘s All-Star cast.

So, will they be able to navigate the game in order to make it all the way to the end together? Or will it be too much pressure for the quirky and adorable Staton Islander, the dorky BB14 winner from Pittsburgh, and the flamboyant and awkward San Diego resident?

Big Brother: Kevin Campbell Forms Downlowmance With HoH Cody

It might be in an effort to save his own skin, but Kevin Campbell’s made a final two deal with Cody Calafiore. Kevin is currently sitting on the block next to Keesha Smith – who’s Cody’s target this week. They’ve named their F2 “The Downlowmance” and it’s certainly being kept on the down-low.

That might be because Cody isn’t really all that invested in this particular Big Brother alliance. He might just be trying to keep Kevin from blowing up his own spot on the block as a pawn. Although he did previously express interest in working with Kevin.

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