‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: PoV Competition Results – Kevin or Keesha Now Safe from Eviction?

Big Brother spoilers tease the results of the Power of Veto competition including nominees Kevin Campbell and Keesha Smith. As usual, six players competed in the safety comp. Now we know the results of the POV, and it doesn’t look good for Cody Calafiore’s (current Head of Household) nominees Keesha Smith and Kevin Campbell. So, who’s holding the coveted PoV medallion, and what will they do with it?

Big Brother 22 Spoilers: Six Power of Veto Players – Keesha Smith & Kevin Campbell in Mix

On Saturday, the houseguests picked PoV players, and the competition played that night. Obviously, Big Brother HoH Cody Calafiore would play. Alongside him, would be his nominees. Those are Kevin Campbell and also Keesha Smith. So, this was Keesha’s last chance – along with Kevin – to change their possible fates. Then, there were the three randomly picked players as Cody, Kevin, and Keesha chose player tiles.

The other three Power of Veto comp players were past-winner Ian Terry, Tyler Crispen, and Enzo Palumbo with Da’Vonne Rogers hosting. And, it was Kevin Campbell that pulled the Big Brother Houseguest’s Choice chip. So, Kevin picked Enzo to play for him. Little does he know Enzo is in HoH Cody’s pocket. As for Keesha, she hates to be on the BB22 block with her pal.

Big Brother 22: Kevin Campbell - Keesha Smith

Who Won the PoV Competition?

Next, the PoV took place that same night, and the competition was one we’ve seen in different forms over the years of Big Brother. Reportedly, it was a stacking competition that the houseguests are referring to as the “Peelathon”. Apparently, they rode giant bananas. But that’s not all. They also had to stack fruit while keeping an eye on a timer ticking down on them. The first person to finish stacking their fruit without getting eliminated won the PoV.

When the Big Brother Live Feeds returned, it was Enzo Palumbo with the Golden Power of Veto hanging around his neck. But this doesn’t bode well for this week’s nominees. Even though Kevin Campbell handpicked Enzo, the Meow Meow’s loyalties lie elsewhere. So, this gives him and Keesha Smith little hope of coming off the BB22 block.

Big Brother Spoilers: Enzo Palumbo & Cody Calafiore Keep Noms the Same?

After cleaning up from the competition, Enzo Palumbo and Cody Calafiore sat down to talk game. Enzo told Cody that he’d do whatever the HoH wanted him to do with the PoV. And Cody said he wanted to keep the nominations the same. Although, Enzo tried to throw Tyler Crispen’s name out there as a backdoor plan.

But Enzo doesn’t know that Cody and Tyler have a Big Brother final two deal in place – even though Tyler has an F2 with everyone at this point. And Cody seems to have several as well. In the end, we’ll see either Keesha Smith or Kevin Campbell go home, and the nominations stay the same after the Power of Veto ceremony.

We’d like to expect the unexpected – but in this PoV case, we don’t. BB22 airs tonight at 10/9c on CBS.

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