‘Big Brother’: Who is Cody Calafiore Working with on BB22?

Big Brother 22 houseguest Cody Calafiore is playing the game hard this year. BB Fans have been wondering how he’d play without Derrick Levasseur as his side, but he appears to he managing alright without his fellow Hitman.

One thing Cody Calafiore managed to accomplish so far is secure a lot of final two deals with his fellow houseguests – almost as many as Tyler Crispen who’s been known for making final two deals. So, who is Cody pretending to work with and who is actually working with him?

Big Brother: A Cody Calafiore & Nicole Franzel Final Two

It’s no surprise that Cody Calafiore and Nicole Franzel have decided to work together. They had a solid relationship on Big Brother 16 and have remained friends since. So, a final two deal wasn’t a shock. But now Cody’s starting to regret his decision to work with Nicole F.

Will Cody keep his word or bail on the alliance in order to focus on another one?

BB 22: A Cody & Tyler Crispen Alliance

In BB season 20, a final two with Tyler Crispen is a dime a dozen. So, Cody Calafiore shouldn’t put all his eggs in one basket with Tyler. In Big Brother 20 we watched Tyler bite off more than he could chew. So, there’s no telling where Tyler’s loyalties really lie unless you’re watching his Diary Room sessions on television.

An Alliance with David Alexander

David Alexander doesn’t even seem to know how the Power of Veto works – or maybe he’s just trying to appear to be less of a threat. David and Cody Calafiore have talked plenty about Big Brother but it doesn’t appear that Cody trusts David 100%. He might just be using him as a number right now. David is a wildcard as he never had a chance to play the game in BB21.

Big Brother: What About Ian Terry?

Ian Terry and Cody Calafiore have talked a little bit so far. They even played a couple of rounds of backgammon. Cody is definitely aware of how intelligent the Big Brother 14 winner is and he seems to be keeping him close for now.

Nicole Franzel has been adamant about working with Ian since the beginning since both of them are the only winners on this season. Will Cody take her advice or take a shot at getting Ian out of the house.

Cody Trusts Daniele Donato Briones

Cody Calafiore seems to really trust Daniele Donato and enjoys talking to her. He thinks she is one of the few Big Brother players that will tell him what she really thinks. Daniele also gives him a lot of information and that’s the one thing he really likes about Dani. It’s probably in his best interest to keep her close as well.

Big Brother 22: Enzo Palumbo Could Cody’s Sidekick

Enzo Palumbo seems to be the next best thing to Derrick Levasseur. Cody Calafiore compared Enzo to his old Hitmen alliance partner. He said although he loves him, Enzo is no Derrick. Yet, it looks like he’s one of the people he trusts the most.

Enzo won the PoV this week and seems to be following Cody’s lead, which is good for their game relationship. So, the HoH will probably let him be his right-hand man for now.

One thing is clear, he probably won’t be working with Keesha Smith or Kevin Campbell (his nominees for eviction), anytime soon.

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