‘Big Brother’: Massive Live Feed LEAK Reveals Giant Fight Between Jackson Michie and the House

Big Brother accidentally leaked footage of the huge fight right before the live eviction. It centered around Jackson Michie, Christie Murphy and the entire Six Shooters alliance and lasted up until the live show. Julie Chen referenced the confrontation last night on the live show saying to the audience that production wasn’t even sure who was going home.

Before the eviction there was a live feed black out, but someone leaked the footage. Soap Dirt staff watched the leaked videos and it was intense. Here’s what CBS didn’t show you during the last Big Brother 21 episode.

Big Brother: Six Shooters Alliance Crumbles – Sam Smith Bomb Detonates

Sam Smith’s campaign against Christie Murphy managed to destroy the entire Six Shooters group – just not in time to save him. Jack Matthews told Tommy Bracco on Thursday afternoon that he didn’t think the alliance would recover. This is mostly due to Sam spreading rumors about Holly Allen and Kathryn Dunn knowing each other pre-BB21.

That, plus the fact that he practically exposed Christie for playing both sides. Then along with Sam, Cliff Hogg and Nicole Anthony all told Jackson the same story about Christie wanting to take a shot at him. He said since, “all three” were saying it that there’s no way he thought it was a lie. Kathryn and Holly both told the house they don’t know each other before Big Brother 21.

Massive Feed Leak – Drama Between Christie Murphy & Jackson Michie Comes to a Head

Usually, two or three hours before the live episode starts, Big Brother live feeds go down to give fans suspense leading up to the live eviction. But someone leaked the feed footage the network didn’t show. Everything seemed normal, with the houseguests getting ready for the show until Christie Murphy started yelling and called Jackson Michie a “snake”.

Nick Maccarone told Jackson Michie what she said. Michie stopped brushing his teeth in the bathroom and confronted Christie, who started yelling at him. It was most of the same nonsense with the Staten Island native saying that “Jackson wasn’t a good person”. She also claimed he was in a trio with Kathryn and Holly. It eventually turned into them trying to out-scream one another. Then, Christie retreated to a bedroom to cry.

BB Votes Flip Back and Forth

It seemed that the votes had flipped in favor of Sam Smith staying after he had successfully stirred the pot with the Six Shooters. The house appeared to be set on voting out Kathryn Dunn – until the drama that unfolded during the live feed leak.

After the first fight between Christie and Jackson, Christie told Jessica Milagros and Analyse Talavera in the bathroom that they should keep Kathryn and vote out Sam. She referred to Jackson Michie as the “common denominator” in everything that’s happened so far in the Big Brother house. She wanted to keep whoever he wanted to go in order to piss him off.

BB21 Jackson Michie Tries to Clear the Air – Ends up Fighting With Tommy and Analyse

Later, Jackson Michie approached Tommy Bracco, Analyse Talavera and Holly Allen to tell his side of the story. He tried to explain that he thought Holly and Kat knew each other because they both were in the same pageant circuit and circle of acquaintances. That would mean Kat and Cliff weren’t trying to pit them against one another as Jack Matthews told him. Once again, things turned back to Christie starting a new alliance.

Tommy hit him back with rumors that Jackson Michie was starting his own “new crew” and more screaming ensued. Jackson claimed he “never said anything about building a new crew” but it was obvious Tommy and Analyse weren’t buying it. Holly was sort of an awkward bystander given her showmance with Michie. Eventually, the whole house joins in and talked over one another. Even Julie Chen said they had no idea what would happen last night.

Big Brother 21: Dust Settles and Sam Smith Goes Home

The leaked footage showed Julie Chen getting her makeup touched up minutes before the show aired live. The players were still fighting. Then, the live eviction show kicked off. There is probably no coming back from the events that occurred for several of the houseguests like Jackson Michie and Christie Murphy. But the vote was unanimous to evict Sam Smith who met Julie Chen outside of the Big Brother 21 house. Things are starting to get really intense in the game so be sure to watch it all play out Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays on CBS.

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