‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: A Brand New Huge BB21 Twist – Links Between Houseguests?

Big Brother spoilers might have just revealed the first twist of BB21 with one being Tommy Bracco and Christie Murphy. According to avid watchers already checking out the cast, this year could potentially include a pairs twist. It has been done in the past on BB3 and BB6 and there are several clues supporting the idea. Because a lot of the houseguests come from the same states, it could be that some of them know one another.

Big Brother Spoilers: Tommy Bracco & Christie Murphy

Staten Island natives Christie Murphy and  Tommy Bracco share an interesting connection. In her interview, Christie mentioned having dated a women for seven years that was 21 years older than her. Who was that woman? It was Tommy’s aunt! The two are also Facebook friends.

This pair 100% knows each other because they are seen in several photos together on the Instagram of Tommy’s sister. So, there is no denying they know each other. That’s some point in favor of the Big Brother pairs twist being true.

Two Possible Pairs Went To College Together

Another possible connection between a couple of the new Big Brother houseguests is alma maters. Ovi Kabir and Jackson Michie both attended the University of Tennessee. That in itself seem like just a coincidence. But they also were both in fraternities and had the same major of political science.

Although UT is a big school, Ovi and Jackson might have taken classes together – or even been friends – since they had the same major. Ovi graduated in May while Jackson left the college in 2018. There is another pair that graduated from the same college. Isabella Wang and Kemi Faknule are University of Maryland alumni. Isabella is 22-year-old and Kemi is 25. So, there’s a chance they were at school during the same time.

Did One Pair Meet On The Pageant Circuit?

Both Holly Allen and Kathryn Dunn appear to have a connection as well. This may further cement the clues that Big Brother 21 could be a pairs season. The women both competed in pageants and very well could have crossed paths. But that is not all that links the two former beauty queens.

Holly and Kathryn are friends on Facebook. Plus, Holly has “liked” several of Kathryn’s Instagram photos. Which means that they have some familiarity and are at a minimum, aware of each other. Plus, depending on their pageant history, they may have crossed paths wearing sashes and tiaras since both competed on the Miss USA circuit.

Big Brother Spoilers: Several Houseguests Share Professions in Common

One more thing linking some the the incoming Big Brother players is what they do for a living. Jack Matthews and David Alexander are fitness photographers. Not only that, but they are both very into CrossFit. Jack lives in Tampa and David lives in Atlanta which isn’t that far away from one another. Is it possible that they know each other through their professions?

They both take pics of cross fit competitions, which are often regional and so the southeast regionals would encompass both Atlanta and Tampa,. While Isabella Wang could be paired up with Kemi Faknule, she could also be connected to Analyse Talavera. Those two both work in Los Angeles in the public health industry, so they might have met before.

In fact, it might be that the CBS show specifically casted pairs and they are friends rather than being just passing acquaintances such as UT alum Jackson Michie knowing student body president Ovi. The good thing is, we won’t have to wait too much longer to find out.

BB21 premieres Tuesday, June 25 at 8/7 central. So be sure to watch and see if the pair twist theory is true or just fans looking too far into things.

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