‘Big Brother’: Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd – Where are They Now?

Big Brother couple Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd met almost a decade ago on the show’s 11th season. The two quickly formed a partnership inside of the house that blossomed into romance once outside of it. As one of the franchise’s biggest couples, let’s take a look at what happened after the show and where they are now.

Big Brother: Jeff Schroeder & Jordan Lloyd Showmance

At first, the relationship started off as a partnership to get further in the game for Jeff Schroeder and fellow player Jordan Lloyd. Both were houseguests on Big Brother 11 which brought them together as friends and led to something more. Jordan ended up winning the game and Jeff’s heart. While Jeff Schroeder got Jordan and the title America’s Favorite Player.

Once Big Brother ended, the duo remained inseparable and started dating. They met each other’s families and went on other reality shows together, like The Amazing Race. Jeff and Jordan essentially became the first BB power couple.

Jeff & Jordan Come Full Circle

It’s only fitting that Jeff Schroeder proposed to Jordan Lloyd inside the Big Brother house during season 16. Bringing the couple’s journey full circle back to where they started. Of course, Jordan said yes and the two tied the knot almost 2 years later when they got some great news.

Although they had been engaged for a while, the two got married in secret at a courthouse when they found out Jordan was expecting.

Jordan Lloyd & Jeff Schroeder Welcome First Child

Their impromptu courthouse ceremony was due to Jordan Lloyd being pregnant with their first child. Jeff Schroeder and new bride Jordan Lloyd let Big Brother fans know that they were expecting and they were already married. On October 13, 2016 their son Lawson Keith Schroeder was born.

Lawson is now 2-years-old and thriving. Jordan and husband Jeff admitted that they were “walking on eggshells” at first because they had to learn everything as they went. By the time the second kid came around, the Big Brother duo were pros at parenting.

Big Brother: And Then There Were Four

Once again in March 2018, Jordan Lloyd and Jeff Schroeder announced that they were having another baby. In a special segment while they hosted The Daily Blast, Lawson Schroeder donned a “soon to be big brother” t-shirt. Now, their oldest Lawson is an older brother to Layton Sarti Schroeder.

Layton was born on September 6, 2018 in Denver, Colorado. Both Big Brother parents seem to have so much love for their children. But are they going to have anymore.

Big Brother: Happily Ever After

It appears Jeff Schroeder and wife Jordan Lloyd indeed got their happily ever after from Big Brother. Although the show is not anything like the search for love Bachelor franchise, more successful couples seem to come from the reality competition show. Jeff and Jordan are just the first married couple that met on the show. Others consist of Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas, Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo, Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson, and many more!

Big Brother 21 premieres on Tuesday, June 25 at 8pm on CBS.

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