‘Big Brother’: Jack & Christie Bully Ovi & David – Will CBS Show It?

Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds show Jack Matthews and Christie Murphy getting into a heated argument with David Alexander. It happened as a result of the Unde9able alliance refusing to let anyone else in the HoH room. The Unde9able alliance is composed of the old Gr8ful alliance with the addition of Sam Smith.

The Unde9able that now runs the Big Brother house even turned away Ovi Kabir, slamming the door in his face. When David confronted them about it later, they defended themselves in an aggressive manner, appearing to gang up on him.

The confrontations were watched by fans on the BB21 live feeds. But Big Brother fans think CBS might edit out the alliance’s aggressive attitudes when the show airs on network television.

Big Brother Spoilers: Unde9able Refuses To Let Anyone In HoH Room

During an intense discussion bordering on hateful in the HoH room, the majority Big Brother alliance denied three people entrance.  They were in the middle of bashing Nicole Anthony when they noticed her coming towards the HoH room on Head of Household cameras. She asked to speak with them, but they refused to let her in and sent her away. Cliff Hogg also tried going up, but the same thing happened to him.

Eventually, Ovi Kabir made his way up and they wouldn’t let him in because they were talking “game”. Which was part of the rule they came up with that Camp Comeback members cannot be included in Big Brother game talks. Yet, Ovi didn’t just leave when they told him to. He said what they were doing, “isn’t very nice,” but they just laughed at him. Ovi’s girlfriend took to Twitter to voice her thoughts.

Ovi Questions Jack In BB21 Storage Room – Jack Calls Him and David Fatties

After the group dispersed, Jack Matthews (AKA Aquaman) headed into the Big Brother storage room where David Alexander and Ovi Kabir were talking. Ovi then asked Jack, “is everything okay?” To which Jack answered that everything was fine. The two went back and forth with several variations of the same question before Jack left the room.

But as he was leaving, Jack whispered “fatties” at David and Ovi. It’s not the first time on Big Brother 21 that Jack has fat-shamed a houseguest or even the first time he’s directed it at Ovi. He once made fun of Ovi for working out and told everyone he flirts with plus-size model Jessica to make her feel better about herself – referring to her weight.

Jack And Christie Patronize David

Once again in the storage room, Christie Murphy and Jack Matthews conversed with David Alexander when he questioned them about Ovi. The entire thing seemed very uncomfortable with the two getting in his face and being aggressive in their stances. Even though they were attempting a normal conversation.

Christie told David “we didn’t do anything to him”. She used the no game talk rule as an excuse. Then claimed they were a democracy and could re-vote. She told David that Ovi screwed himself and that he was basically done in the Big Brother 21 house. David told Ovi about their conversation later on and warned him to get a better hold on his emotions.

Big Brother Spoilers: Fans Are Beyond Angry With Unde9able

The events of the past two days are the latest in a string of bad behaviors by the majority alliance. They’ve angered superfans watching the BB21 live feeds. CBS outrages fans with their handling of the alliance antics.

Live feed watchers see that the network’s giving the alliance a favorable edit although their behavior is pretty nasty. CBS may face backlash and lose viewers and All Access subscribers if they don’t inject a little more reality into their BB21 reality episodes…

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