‘Big Brother’: Haleigh Broucher Mocks the Handicapped – Live Feeds Outrage Fans

Big Brother spoilers show Haleigh Broucher has already been on the block twice and it will be three times this Thursday night at the live eviction. But it was what Haleigh said about handicap people that has put her int he news and outraged fans on social media.

With Kaycee winning multiple competitions, Haleigh’s fate seems sealed. In her Big Brother TV edit she is seen as an underdog because she is strong and always fighting. Haleigh is the last member of the Foutte alliance. She has seen her alliance members one by one put on the block and sent home. This might be her final week in the Big Brother house.

Big Brother Spoilers: Haleigh Broucher has made enemies before

Even though Haleigh Broucher might seem like a small town girl that doesn’t want to ruffle feathers, she has had moments of conflict in the Big Brother house with the other house guests. One in particular being Sam Bledsoe. Sam put her on the block when Sam became HOH. There has been tension between the two ever since.

On Big Brother Live feeds, when Sam was straightening Tyler’s hair in the bathroom, Haleigh walked in to join the others and Sam yelled at her to get out. Haleigh made a point to notice that no one else was kicked out of the BB bathroom. She took this personally.

Haleigh Went a Step Too Far on BB20

All of this seems small compared to the recent events Big Brother Spoiler live feeds have shown us live feeds. BB20 Live feeds show Haleigh Broucher Monday night speaking of paralyzed people in a distasteful way. She is quoted as saying “Nothing can keep you from reaching your goals and that is not true because paralyzed people can’t reach anything.” Haleigh said this in front of Tyler and JC who were quick to react with shocked faces. Two people who have the choice to keep or evict her. Tyler responds with “That’s the worst thing I have ever heard you say in my life.”

Do the Big Brother Fans Still Support Haleigh Broucher?

Twitter was quick to defend Haleigh Broucher and say that what she said was a joke. According to her social media following, Haley is in the lead to win America’s favorite player (AFP). The results of which will be revealed live on finale night.

The handicap statement, whether a Joke or not this was clearly a rude and offensive statement said by the 21 year old texting Texan. Decide for yourself, Will this derogatory comment affect her chances at America’s favorite player? How will this affect her outside of the Big Brother 20 house?

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