‘Big Brother’: Frankie Grande Reveals New Boyfriend During Coachella – Meet Hale Leon

Big Brother 16‘s Frankie Grande introduced his new boyfriend with some cute Instagram pictures. Frankie’s sister Ariana Grande was performing last weekend at Coachella when Frankie revealed his new boo. While he was formerly in a “throuple” relationship with a married couple, the situation proved too complicated. Now, he and Hale Leon seem super happy together which is awesome!

Big Brother: Throuple Life Too ‘Complicated’ For Frankie Grande

Frankie Grande was previously in a three-person relationship with Mike Pophis and Daniel Sinasohn. Mike is an incredibly smart doctor and Daniel is a lawyer/actor/model. In the beginning, the trio appeared very happy and were even spotted on vacation at Universal Studios. But, being in a threesome with married men became more than it was worth for the Big Brother alum.

Although having two boyfriends was, “double the excitement,” it was also, “double the drama,” according to Frankie. So, he and the spouses decided to end the relationship on a good note. Yet, the experience taught the television personality a lot.

Big Brother: Mike Pophis - Frankie Grande - Daniel Sinasohn

Frankie Attends Coachella With Boyfriend For Sister Ariana Grande’s Performance

While probably would have been at the music festival anyway, Frankie Grande’s younger sister, singer Ariana Grande, was performing. Obviously, the former Big Brother 16 houseguest had to be in attendance. With a set that consisted of appearances by Nicki Minaj and NSYNC (cue fangirl scream), it was a “can’t miss” concert.

Not only was Frankie at Coachella, but he also brought along his new boyfriend and documented the occasion. Their relationship is still pretty new, so it is understandable that he wanted to keep the new bf to himself. But now we know everything about Hale Leon.

Big Brother: Meet Frankie Grande’s Boyfriend Hale Leon

Hale Leon does a little bit of everything. Originally from New York, the east coaster moved to California to pursue his dreams. Not only is he a hard-core gamer, but he also works as an app developer. And he is even trying to break into the acting world. He has had several small roles in TV and has done some commercials.

Hale is a vegan which is something that sis Ariana Grande is sure to approve of. The singer is super active in advocating for animal rights. There is sure to be more to learn about Hale as his relationship with Big Brother‘s Frankie progresses. Which will be likely as they seem very happy for now.

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