‘Big Brother’ Craziest 5 Fights Over the Years

Big Brother has been the stage for a ton of wild fights over its 21 seasons on the air. One of its key factors is throwing in a bunch of strangers and forcing them to interact. Obviously, everything isn’t always smiles and rainbows in the Big Brother house. So, let’s look at the five best fights in BB history, including drunken squabbles and physical showdowns. Keep scrolling to see the full list in chronological order.

#1 Big Brother: Janelle Pierzina vs Beau Beasley

Nothing’s a better catalyst for a brawl than alcohol on Big Brother. That’s exactly how this first fight started between Beau Beasley and Janelle Pierzina. Sometime in the middle of the sixth season, the houseguests were given a hefty amount of booze and sober thoughts quickly turned to drunken fights. Especially between Janelle Pierzina and Beau Beasley, both of whom drank more than their fair share of liquor.

Janelle let loose, which included hurlung insults at her fellow Big Brother castmates. Most of whom ignored her. It was when Janelle called Beau a “gold-digging wh*re” that things took a turn. While Janelle continued to yell, Beau went up the stairs screaming, “polyester hair”. But things turned physical and the two were pulled apart by housemates. Yet, Janelle Janelle Pierzina admitted to purposely pushing Beau Beasley’s buttons that night.

#2 Keesha Smith’s Big Brother Birthday

This next fight started with a small spark and slowly snowballed into one of the most iconic altercations in the show’s history. After overhearing a talk between Libra Thompson and Keesha Smith, Big Brother 10 contestant Jessie Godderz decided to stir the pot. So, the bodybuilder blabbed to April Dowling, whom the other women talked about.

April confronted Keesha Smith and Libra, causing a major blowup. And it all went down on Keesha’s birthday. This soon turned into a shrill screaming match that briefly broke up while the Big Brother houseguests awkwardly sang happy birthday to Keesha Smith.

Yet, Libra’s “anybody want cake” amidst a tense silence was the pivotal moment for fans. It soon dissolved once again into fighting between most of the group. Meanwhile, future winner Dan Gheesling sat on the couch with his head in the Bible. Possibly praying to escape the Big Brother madness.

#3 Chima Simone vs Russell Kairouz

In a discussion between Big Brother 11‘s Russell Kairouz and Michele Noonan, Michele revealed Chima Simone targeted Russell. And it did happen during Week 2 of the game, when Chima said she wanted to backdoor him. Then, that season’s runner-up and one of Chima’s closest allies, Natalie Martinez, told her Russell wanted to talk, but warned her to keep cool.

But if Big Brother fans know one thing about Chima, it’s that she didn’t beat around the bush. So, when Russell Kairouz relayed Michele’s story back to her, Chima called the other woman upstairs. Michele denied everything, which caused a massive fight between the other two. Russell followed Chima all over the house while they got in each other’s faces.

While they were eventually separated, Chima Simone was later expelled from the game for violating several rules, including tossing her microphone in the pool.

#4 Rachel Reilly vs Ragan Fox

BB12 houseguests assumed they wouldn’t have to deal with Rachel Reilly after her Week 5 eviction. But when Brendon Villegas opened Pandora’s Box, he received a reward. Yet, the rest of the contestants got a punishment. Rachel was released into the house for 24 hours to wreak havoc.

Saying the remaining Big Brother players were annoyed is an understatement. Especially Ragan Fox, who had beef with Rachel from early on. Rachel Reilly spent most of her time back bickering with him and it eventually got heated.

After teasing Ragan Fox with cookies while he was a Have-Not, he finally let Rachel have it. Not only did Ragan call Rachel Reilly “repulsive”, he verbally tore her apart while most of the Big Brother players watched.

#5 Big Brother 19: Jessica Graf vs Entire House

With practically the entire BB19 house controlled by Paul Abrahamian, only Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson stood against him. Cody battled his way back into the house and Jessica won HoH, securing their safety for a week. But once that was over, they were the number one targets.

Luckily, Jessica Graf got the Halting Hex, which stopped an eviction and basically reset the entire week. Giving the couple another seven days together, in which some serious fighting went down with the rest of the houseguests. Paul led the war on Jessica and Cody and Alex Ow, Raven Walton, and Josh Martinez all took part.

Many fans were disgusted by this “mob mentality” behavior and deemed it “bullying”. Yet, it was Jessica. Graf’s demeanor throughout the entire event that really stood out. The now mother of her and Cody’s daughter, Maverick Nickson, handled herself tactfully during the onslaught of insults and accusations by the other Big Brother cast members.

Which Big Brother fight do you think was the most memorable?

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