‘Big Brother Canada’ Spoilers: What Is The Mysterious Top Secret Blood Veto?

Big Brother Canada spoilers hint at the possibilities behind the never-before-seen blood veto. The blood veto was first seen when Damien Kelto entered the top-secret Leon’s Lounge. Supposedly, the new type of veto gives the holder a special power and the lack of info shared on BBCAN has fans dying to know what it does. With a name like ‘blood veto,’ we can think of several different powers it holds.

Big Brother Canada Spoilers Reveal Top Secret Blood Veto

The name sounds ominous enough, but the actual blood veto is a whole other level of mysterious. During the premiere when Damien Kelto entered the Big Brother Canada house first, unknown by the rest of the agents, we got our first look at it. When Damien discovered the top-level clearance Leon’s Lounge he also found the blood veto locked in a case. He tried to touch it but triggered an alarm that went crazy.

Big Brother Canada must have other plans than letting the blood veto get taken on the first night. Could there possibly be a challenge to win it? The possibilities are endless because the veto’s powers are being kept on the down low. So, we’ve compiled several different things it could do.

Blood Veto Winner Chooses Their Replacement

Big Brother Canada spoilers show the winner of the blood veto could save themselves or someone else from the block like normal. But maybe they could also choose who goes up in their place. Usually, that is the HoH’s job, but this is a special veto. The ‘blood’ in the name hinting at the possibility that its holder will get blood on their hands while using it.

It is all part of the Big Brother game to get blood on their hands. Some try and get as little as possible, while others are basically bathing in it. We could see the winner of the blood veto drowning in it if it holds such power. In the video below, Arisa Cox does a tour of the house and introduces the secret room holding the special veto.

Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Eviction Cancellation and Automatic HoH

On Twitter, Big Brother Canada fans have speculated that the blood veto’s power has something to do with the HoH. It seems this season that the HoH will not be allowed to compete in the power of veto competitions and they will only have 5 players. Because of this fact, people are guessing that the blood veto will give the holder the ultimate power.

What if the person who won it was allowed to cancel the eviction ceremony and make the current HoH’s reign null and void? Then they would automatically get to become the next HoH and control the entire house for the next week. While it seems a little too good to be true, it would make for a crazy blindside.

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