‘Big Brother Canada’ Spoilers: Laura Roberts Becomes First Houseguest Evicted – 15th Player Gets Voted In

Big Brother Canada spoilers reveal Laura Roberts got evicted from the Big Brother house! With no veto competition to save themselves, HoH Adam Pike’s nominees Damien Kelto and Laura Roberts were practically powerless. Also, the winner of the viewer’s vote for the 15th houseguest was Cory Kennedy. But she has to complete a special 24-hour mission to stay in the house.

Big Brother Canada: Laura Roberts Evicted

The law clerk, Laura Roberts, and Damien Kelto were nominated for eviction from Big Brother Canada. Damien got a special first look at the house before anyone else. The only thing nominees could do was campaign for their safety because there was no PoV competition being played the first week. Seeing Damien on the block was shocking for fans because they assumed HoH Adam Pike would group him into his four-man alliance.

Luckily for the goalie coach, the Big Brother Canada houseguests voted unanimously 11-0 to evict Laura Roberts. Yet, Laura leaving left fans a little disappointed. She seemed like she was going to provide plenty of drama. But there are plenty of other houseguests with the potential to fill that role.


Cory Kennedy Voted Into the BBCAN House

Big Brother Canada viewers were given the choice between two possible agents to send into the game as the 15th houseguest. Their options were Cory Kennedy, a school teacher and Holly Noseworthy who works as an armored car guard. Arisa Cox revealed the twist on premiere night. Ultimately, the woman chosen for the top-secret mission was Cory.

Cory is 29-years-old and hails from Sussex and she works at an elementary school. With her smarts, social skills, and physical prowess, she is looking to do big things in the Big Brother Canada house.

Cory Kennedy Needs to Complete Mission in 24 Hours

While she is technically the 15th agent in Big Brother Canada, Cory Kennedy has to complete a special mission if she wants to stay. She has 24-hours to make three final two deals with her fellow houseguests. She will have to leave the game if she does not complete the task by the deadline.

This could be very hard to accomplish because she is joining the game later than everyone else. Some players have already established tentative alliances. So finding three individuals to agree to one could be difficult. On the other hand, some might just say yes so that they have safety if Cory were to win HoH. It could go either way.

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