‘Big Brother Canada’ Spoilers: Damien Kelto Wins Viewers Vote – Enters House First To Find Secret Room

Big Brother Canada spoilers reveal that viewers voted Damien Kelto to enter the BB house first. This gives Damien an exclusive chance to see the house before anyone else. Also, he gets to enter a secret room that will give him special knowledge about the game. Other news unveils another voting twist where the viewers pick a 15th houseguest.

Big Brother Canada: Damien Kelto Secretly Enters First

Big Brother Canada viewers have spoken! Damien Kelto has been chosen to enter the house before anyone else and find Leon’s Lounge Room. Apparently, it took him over 30 minutes to find the room and it was practically for nothing! All he got to do was watch the first two groups of houseguests move in.

The only good thing about it could be that he got to see the competition first without them seeing him. Damien was able to study the other Big Brother Canada players. He might have gotten some small intel from their behavior. Afterward, he snuck back out to move in with the final group and no one was any wiser.

Who Is BBCAN7’s Damien Kelto?

Damien Kelto is a 28-year-old former professional hockey player who now teaches goalies. He hails from Nadleh Whut’en, BC and claims to be bringing not only brawns but also brains into the Big Brother house. Damien is leaving behind his girlfriend while he competes for $100,000 and numerous other prizes.

Because of his Indigenous heritage, Damien has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Native American studies. Where the new Big Brother player came from is important to him and makes up a large percentage of who he is as a person. His smarts and strength will do him good in the game.


Viewers Decide The 15th BBCAN7 Player

The next decision viewers have to make is which person becomes the 15th houseguest. Fans will have to choose between a teacher and a security guard to enter the game. But that is not all! Once inside the house, the secret agent will have to complete a mission. If they do not complete the assigned task they will have to immediately leave the game. Big Brother Canada premieres March 6.

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