‘Big Brother Canada’ Spoilers: Smaller Cast Size Hints Returning Players – Double Agent Twist?

Big Brother Canada spoilers point towards several veterans joining the show’s seventh season. The small cast size of just 14 houseguests is unusual for the reality competition which might mean a couple of familiar faces are coming back.

Since the theme of the season is “spies,” that could mean the returning houseguests are back to act as double agents. Also, one of the BBCAN7 houseguests will get the opportunity to enter the house first in another BB twist revealed.

Big Brother Canada: Several Players Returning?

With all of the fourteen fresh houseguests revealed this week, the smaller cast size left Big Brother fans with obvious questions. There are speculations that the show will bring back veteran BBCAN players or possibly get some international ones. There could be as few as two or as many as four familiar faces. Normal cast size ranges from 16 to 18 houseguests.

BBCAN6‘s Jesse Larson’s name has been thrown around on social media. Fans think Naeha Sareen from season three deserves another chance because of her game knowledge and amazing strategy. On the flip, most people do not want to see Big Brother Canada season 6’s Hamza Hatoum. They compare him to Paul Abrahamian.

Returning Houseguests Play As Double Agents?

To coincide with the spy theme, returning players could be double agents. It would not be the first time Big Brother sent in saboteurs masquerading as houseguests. These double agents could make things harder for the “real” 14 HGs. Mission Impossible seems to be the inspiration behind it all and like Ethan Hunt knows, you should trust no one.

Because Big Brother Canada likes to have viewers vote on game happenings, there could be a chance to choose what these saboteurs do. There also might be secret missions like the game had for Team America in US BB16. More than one troublemaker would make things interesting and fun to watch.

One BBCAN7 Houseguest Gets To Enter The House First

A lucky member of the Big Brother Canada 7 cast chosen by fans will enter the Big Brother house before anyone else. Then, the winner will be granted access to the Leon’s Furniture Lounge. Also, they will learn valuable intel about the upcoming competition no one else knows. Via a voting poll, Global TV asked fans to pick a favorite to get the reward.

Voting ended and we’ll find out soon who won top-level clearance as the houseguest to creep into the house first and score the advantage. BBCAN7 premieres Wednesday, March 6.

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