‘Celebrity Big Brother’: Joey Lawrence Wants To Be Batman – Fans Start Petition

Celebrity Big Brother’s Joey Lawrence wants to be the latest Batman fighting crime in Gotham City. His passion for the role is well known among Big Brother fans. It is one of the reasons that the Blossom star went on the CBS reality show.

His fans recently started a petition to try and land him the role. With Ben Affleck quitting as the Dark Knight, there is a spot open in the DC Universe for a new Batman. And Joey Lawrence desperately wants fill it.

Celebrity Big Brother: Joey Lawrence’s Dream Role Is Batman

There is nothing that Joey Lawrence seems to want more than to be the next Batman. He voiced his interest in pre-sequester interviews for Celebrity Big Brother. He said it was his lifelong dream to play Bruce Wayne. Joey Lawrence is urging Warner Brothers Studios and DC Comics to look outside the traditional box and consider him.

Also, he compared himself to Chris Pratt as the casting choice for Starlord. He said it was interesting and worked out phenomenally in the end. Now, most Marvel fans can’t imagine anyone else playing the ringleader of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Joey’s Instagram bio even states that he is ready to be Batman.


Ben Affleck Retiring From Batman – Opening for Joey Lawrence?

Recently, news spread earlier this month that Ben Affleck was not returning in his role as Batman. Then, the actor announced that he would not be involved in DC Comics’ upcoming The Batman movie being released in Summer 2021. Affleck said he could not “crack it” but hopes that Matt Reeves will able to make the project as great as it should be. But who will play Batman?

Plus, there are plenty of A-List celebrities stepping forward with interest in the role, but Celebrity Big Brother alumnus Joey Lawrence might want it more. The Melissa & Joey actor believes he has what it takes to bring something to the role that no one else has. His passion for the character is what really sets him apart from the others. And he has an acting background to prove he has the chops to pull it off.

Joey Lawrence Fans Launch Batman Petition

Obviously, Joey Lawrence and Celebrity Big Brother fans feel the same way. Because they have started several Change.org petitions to get signatures from others who want Joey to be the next superhero of Gotham.

You can find the petition and sign right here if you want to see Joey Lawrence as the Dark Knight. Fans have left supportive comments saying he would “look hot in the bat suit” and that he is an “extremely talented actor with a lot of range”. So, do you think Joey Lawrence would make a good Batman?

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