‘Big Brother Canada’: Best Season Ever Boasts Host Arisa Cox

Big Brother Canada host Arisa Cox says this is going the best season yet! BBCAN is back and better than ever according to Arisa. The show is going back to its roots of manipulation, deception, and deceit. And the secret agent theme will only bring out those qualities even stronger in the houseguests.

Arisa Cox Claims BBCAN7 Will Be ‘Better Than Ever’

Season 7 of Big Brother Canada is going to be, “better than ever,” Arisa Cox, the host, brags in an interview with Global TV. She says that the older cast brings something to the table that you just cannot find in a typical US season. This group of houseguests is here to win because that is what they came for.

Arisa insists that the Canadian version of Big Brother is special because they have something to prove and the cast is so diverse itself. She also said that Canadians have a bit of a complex so there is a need to be better than all the other versions of BB.

Big Brother Canada: The Host Doubles As A BB Fan

While she hosts BBCAN Arisa Cox is actually a longtime fan of the franchise herself. Her being a fan brings a new understanding as the host Big Brother Canada and vice versa. She wants to be someone that she from a fan perspective would enjoy watching and the strategy is working for her. Some BB fans like her more than her American BB counterpart Julie Chen.

She even appeared on Big Brother UK as a special guest. Her passion for the show is most likely what fans like about her so much. Because she shares the same love as the viewers for the game it really shines through on the show.

Ika Wong Gets Her Own Pre-Show

Fan-favorite Ika Wong from BBCAN 2 and 5 is getting her own pre-show on ET Canada. The pre-show will air before the live one and give Big Brother Canada fans exclusive news and sneak peaks from inside the house. Ika has been doing houseguests interviews for BBCAN and BBUS for the past couple of years and fans have really enjoyed it.

Don’t miss the season premiere tonight on Global TV! Fans from the United States can stream the show through hamsterwatch.com.

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