‘Big Brother’: Analyse Talavera Delusional About Her Position in the BB21 House and Fan Opinion

Big Brother star Analyse Talavera’s opinions on her standing in the game seem to border on delusional. The former college soccer player also thinks fans love her when actually the bulk of BB21 Twitter seems to diss her. While on the block, Sis and Christie Murphy’s misunderstanding of their public perception seems to get worse. Will the end of the BB season bring about a rude awakening for these two women?

Big Brother 21: Why Does Analyse Talavera Believe She’s Untouchable?

For practically every BB21 player ever, getting put on the block is stressful. But apparently not for recent college graduate Analyse Talavera, whose delusions may be bordering on insanity. For the most part, she’s been pretty calm about being nominated for eviction on Big Brother. Will she stay that way as time goes on?

Both Sis and Christie Murphy are the current nominees and one will be leaving at tonight’s live eviction. Yet, the two women seem to think that the show’s viewers love them, which is far from the truth. Especially Sis, who’s been begging Big Brother 21 live feeders for some sort of power to save them from the chopping block.

Analyse Tells Nick Not to Use Veto on Her – Michie Definitely Didn’t

Normally, anyone nominated for eviction wants the power of veto used on them. Which would save them from the threat of eviction – but not Analyse Talavera. She appears to think she’s playing the Big Brother game like a pro and isn’t a target. So, she told Nick Maccarone not to use the veto on her if he won. But it was actually Jackson Michie who won PoV and kept noms the same.

Instead, she wanted him to use it on Christie Murphy, whom she believed was the bigger target. Although she’s right about that, it’s dumb for her to think that she’s not on anyone’s radar. Or that she’s going to win America’s Favorite Player at the end of the season. Plus, did Analyse forget that pawns go home on Big Brother?

BB21: Sis Wants to be America’s Favorite Player

Another one of Analyse Talavera’s many delusions is that she’s going to win AFP. Big Brother‘s America’s Favorite Player gets a $25,000 prize on finale night, but it probably won’t be Sis. Sis’s certain she’s one of the most well-liked players this season, but might be sadly mistaken.

In fact, the America’s Field Trip nomination was a warning sign of Big Brother fans’ less than loving feeling for the Californian native. Jackson Michie got the message loud and clear – he knew American was slapping at him by voting for him. But will Sis figure it out before she heads back to the real world? The BB21 live eviction episode airs tonight on CBS.

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