‘Big Brother’: Analyse Talavera Gets Called A Mean Girl – Isn’t Happy About It

Big Brother star Analyse Talavera, also known as “Sis”, has been called a mean girl on multiple occasions. But she’s also quick to deny that she’s ever said anything remotely mean about anyone in the BB21 house. Yet, Sis got extremely defensive when she heard about Holly Allen calling her a ‘mean girl’. There’s plenty of proof over the summer supporting Holly’s accusation. So, is Analyses not really as nice as her television edit portrays?

Big Brother: Holly Calls Analyse Talavera a ‘Mean Girl’

In a conversation between Analyse Talavera and Jessica Milagros, Jess told Sis something she didn’t want to hear. She revealed that Holly Allen had referred to Sis and the rest of her group as ‘mean’. Being she has constantly stated she’s “not a mean girl” every single day in the Big Brother house, it obviously got under her skin.

Sis said to Jess, “I will not be pictured as a mean girl.” Then, she added, “I would never laugh or make fun of anyone, or talk bad about anyone.” It upset Analyse to think that anyone could even say that about her. But is Sis actually not as nice as she claims to be?

Analyse Makes Fun of Ovi Kabir

It hadn’t even been a full week of Big Brother before Analyse Talavera let her true colors bleed through. She hated on Ovi Kabir for getting ‘touchy’ with her. Even though he wasn’t doing anything inappropriate, Sis had a problem with it for all the wrong reasons.

“I’m so done with him,” Sis shared with some of the girls week one. “Get the f*ck away from me. If you’re hot you can touch me.” She also refrained from getting romantic with Nick Maccarone due to his looks. Apparently, he wasn’t good looking enough for her. But he is now that Jack is in jury?

Big Brother: Analyse and Christie Laugh at Cliff Hogg

It seems that no one’s safe from being targeted personally by Analyse. In fact, she, Jack Matthews and Christie Murphy were laughing at Cliff Hogg when he was running. According to Jessica Milagros, they were making fun of him in the backyard while he ran. But, Analyse denied that it ever happened with her patented, “I am not a mean girl.”

But is she really not mean girl or is Sis just lying to herself? Watch Big Brother Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays on CBS to find out for yourself

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