‘Bachelor’ Spoilers: Madison Prewett Returns – Will Peter Weber Take Her Back?

The Bachelor spoilers tease Madison Prewett second-guessing her decision to let Peter Weber go. In last night’s Bachelor episode, Madison self-eliminated after dumping Peter in the middle of their final date in the Australian Outback.

It occurred after a disastrous meeting with the pilot’s family. This included his mother Barbara Weber explicitly telling Peter to choose Hannah Ann Sluss. Something must have registered with Madison Prewett because she broke things off the very next day. But now she’s returning in part two of the The Bachelor finale and she regrets her rash decision. Will Peter still choose her?

The Bachelor Spoilers: Peter Weber’s Mom Barbara is Team Hannah Ann

Last night, fans watched as Hannah Ann Sluss and Madison Prewett met Peter Weber’s family. First, was Hannah Ann, who managed to impress all of them in such a short time by confessing her love for this season’s Bachelor. She managed to win over his mother Barbara, father Peter Sr, and little brother Jack.

When it came time for Madison Prewett to reunite with the family she had already met on the first one-on-one, their minds seemed to be already made up. They thought that Peter and Madison were just too different and her strong beliefs wouldn’t mesh with Bachelor Peter’s occasional clubbing. Bachelor spoilers revealed Peter’s mother Barbara even pleaded with him to pick Hannah Ann in the infamous “don’t let her go” scene.

Madison Prewett Dumps Peter Weber

Typically, it’s The Bachelor‘s job to break up with one of the two remaining girls. But Madison Prewett just flipped the script on Peter Weber. Instead, the Alabama native waited until they took a helicopter ride out to Uluru, a sandstone monolith to let him down.

In one of the most uncomfortable moments on this season of The Bachelor, Madison told Peter that she loved him, but they were just too different. She didn’t want to “change” him and vice versa. Although the moment was ruined by the endless amounts of fly-swatting. Peter Weber was devastated as Madison was driven away from the location. But this isn’t the last we’ll see of Madison Prewett.

The Bachelor Spoilers: Madison Regrets Her Decision and Returns

Madison Prewett returns just as it seems like Hannah Ann Sluss is going to get with Peter Weber by default. In The Bachelor spoilers for tonight’s final episode of the season, Madison sits down for a conversation with Chris Harrison. “So, you regret what you did?” Chris asks. “Yes,” is what Madison says in response, which prompts the host to ask her, “are you in love with Peter?”

We don’t get an answer, but it seems rather obvious that Madison would only come back if she was truly in love. Meanwhile, Hannah Ann has reached her breaking point and apparently so has Barbara Weber, who is seen uncontrollably crying. The big question is, how does it all end?

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